i didn’t do it all


But I'm feeling much better.

The part that helped the most?  Making food in my kitchen.

Even if it was a just-add-water mix. Because those lemon poppyseed scones were perfect.


I ventured over to the book store to grab a selection on Puerto Rico. (y'know, since I'm going there this year.)  And of course I can't go into one of those places without looking around, and since I'm always looking for something new, I ended up with two additional selections.

One of reflexology.  Which I thumbed through and read a bit of last night.  Super interesting.  I'm excited to use it.

The other is called Total Yoga.  I've talked about this before, but yoga is about stillness and balance.  Not only physically but also mentally.  I haven't really looked through this one much yet, but I'm excited about learning more and putting it to use. My life could use some stillness.


I've spent the weekend thinking about life change since exercise and eating more veggies are on my list of resolutions.  So I've been thinking of practical changes I can make that will stick long term.  And now that it's finally above freezing (and raining) I'm ready to take the first step in exercise (pun intended).  

I purchased a couple bags of veggies this weekend for snacking and I felt like that was a big step in the right direction.  Snap peas instead of pretzels. (but sustaining is always the hard part.) The goal is to spend significantly less on eating out and fast food.  Just the seemingly simple change of making more food at home makes a huge difference.

In other news, it's MLK Jr. day.  I do have to work, but school is closed today.  What I would really like to do is go to the movie after work.  But in the spirit of saving money (because I already spent enough this weekend) I'll be headed to the old place and packing up at least 8 boxes to bring over.  

What I should do is throw away everything left over there because it is obviously non-essential.  Except it's all my pictures and books.  Which I have a hard time throwing out.  So that just won't work.



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