to write or to type?


I'm ready to make another list.  

I'm sitting in front of a computer.  I can open a new document and format my way to the perfect to do list.  

Or start a new stickie on my desktop, one in purple or green with different fonts and formatting and bullet points.

Or I can blog it.  Add pictures and color to my heart's content.

But what do I do? I reach for my pen and paper. Because nothing satisfies my need for list making quite like the scratchy feeling of the pen rolling across the paper. 


I have a smarty pants phone.  I can make lists and to dos and calendar items.  And when I'm out and about away from home that's what I do.  But when I'm sitting in my comfy chair, or washing dishes, or folding laundry, or doing homework and I get an idea, thought, or list going in my brain I reach for the pen and paper.  Not my phone.

And I like it that way.

How do you write your lists?



3 thoughts on “to write or to type?

  1. I am the same way. I write all my “to do” list with pen and paper. I still have the “old fashion” planner where I keep up with all that's going on in my life (not that much though). I do use different color pens for my “to do” lists and planner. Purple = Personal. Blue = Work. Green = Bills. Pink = Whatever else. I haven't gotten one of those newer phones that you can do everything on yet. I still can not bring myself to getting one. I'm so old fashion. Just like I still haven't gotten one of those new fancy devices you can read books on. See, I don't even know the name for it. I love to read and would make sense for me to get one. But, I love going to the library and actually holding a book. The smell of books. Yep, I'm weird. But, I guess all this makes me “me.”
    Hope you have a wonderful day!!! 🙂

  2. Yea, I'm kinda the same as you and Ms. Bogle 🙂 I, too, have a smartypantz phone. I have a TODAY list, and a weekly list, and a monthly list. I have events in my calendar. Alarms in my phone. I have stickies on my desktop to remind me things I want and Grad School necessities. BUT! On my day off, when I REALLY get things done… I whip out a light blue bic pen and scribble the day's goals onto a paper pad magnetized to the fridge. It feels SO GOOD to scratch them off once completed! But it is so helpful to have a list in my phone to so I can right down things as I think of them. Best of luck with today's list!!!

  3. I go to my fridge and grab a marker (theyar e beside the fridge, not in the fridge) and then I write on the white board. I see it every time I walk into the kitchen/living room area. i love to erase from my list and I don't have to go find the piece of paper I wrote on. I misplace papers alot. I use lots of sticky notes, too. I have some stuck to my white board. I have 2 calendars. One in my purse, one at home. I use the magnetic post-it pads for shopping lists. Then I can take it down adn stick it to my purse calendar. I love my lists, too! and let me hold the book! Unless I am crafting, then let me LISTEN to the book!

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