I’m a writer, editor, and content manager living in Seattle, Washington.

I have a Bachelor of Science in mass communication from the University of Utah. In May 2013, I moved to Ketchikan, Alaska, to be a reporter at the Ketchikan Daily News. One year later, I joined 425 Business and Premier Media Group in Tacoma, Washington, as digital content producer.


Ellie, during a hike to Goat Lake in the North Cascades.

In 2016, I quit my 9-to-5 job in favor of contract work that allowed me to play in the mountains as much as possible. I admit, I’m a lucky gal to have a flexible schedule, a slew of outdoorsy friends, and a backyard full of world-class hiking, mountain biking, and camping.

On the bucket list: Write something important, complete a through-hike, and float down the Grand Canyon. And possibly see South America. If there’s time.

I heard recently that the millennial generation’s new status symbol is freedom to go and do whatever, whenever. I believe it.

Main photo by Rachel Coward.

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