my vacation begins today


If the weather holds.  Which it is forecasted to do. 

After work today I am headed off to my sisters house.  It's a 3 hour drive north.  Into the great white that is south east Idaho.  It's supposed to be really cold there.  You see, this last storm that came through last night had arctic air on its heels.

Special delivery for your warm toes.  Express delivered to your door straight from Alaska. As if it were the latest trendy thing in home decor or handmade or fashion.

You see, that is what I dislike about winter.  My toes get cold.  


After work Ellie and I are headed to my sisters.  For turkey, ham, and mashed potatoes.  Except Ellie won't get any.  She's a dog and eats dog food.  Which means… more for me!

Please have a safe and extremely happy holiday.


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