i wanted a burger


a huge greasy one.  with bacon.  and fries.  and a drink.

But I don't really eat beef.  I have a bit lately.  I've had huge cravings for protein.  Which only means I'm not eating enough protein.  Ok.  I'll refocus my efforts on getting a bit more protein.  

But in the meantime I wanted a hamburger.

And after an it-almost-didn't-happen swing through the drive-thru…

Hi there.  What can I get for you?

A #5 please.  

What size do you want your combo?

Medium (it's better than the large. indulge does not mean stuffed-enough-to-roll-me-out-the-door)

What would you like to drink?

Dr. Pepper please.  (mmmmmm)

Ok I'll see you at the window.

I snagged up my paper bag of yummy indulgence.  One whiff of those 'natural cut' fries and I couldn't keep my hand out of the bag.  One snatch after another of awesomely-greasy-overly-salted-incredibly-yummy fries.  

This is the ultimate comfort food. Well, second to those of the mashed variety.

You see, I've never been a good dieter.  I like to think I pay pretty good attention to what my body is telling me.  Which is why I steer clear of the steer.  (hee hee hee) (ok sorry)  I believe that the best diet is one borne of common sense and smart choices.  my motto? Everything in moderation.

Which means I don't deprive myself of something I crave.  I just don't over indulge. (hence the medium combo instead of the extra large one.)

The other thing about this is that hamburgers take me back to a simpler time.  Especially when Collective Soul comes on the radio.

Yep.  I ate my handfuls of overly salted fries and sang along to Collective Soul.  And it took me back.

The sad part about all of this?  I couldn't finish the hamburger.

Because when she asked if I wanted a single or a double… I got a double.

And you better roll me out the door because I'm stuffed.

But that might be because I drank all of the bubbly goodness that is Dr. Pepper.  Not even an ice cube left in the cup.



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