What I’m Thinking About…

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Going green.

I'm not talking about selling my car and buying a bike.  Or even buying a new one.  

I'm not going to wear only recycled clothes from the thrift store.  (ick)

I'm not going to wash myself only using the water in the sink instead of taking a shower. (double ick)

What I am thinking about is this:  going paperless in my kitchen.  No paper towels.  No napkins.  Only cloth that is washable and environmentally friendly.  

Since my experience with the bag and camera strap, I'm feeling confident that sewing napkins is something I am totally capable of.  I googled it a bit and they look so totally easy.  Actually, they look incredibly easy.  The napkins will totally be less expensive, since it's a one time purchase, and they'll just get tossed into the laundry I already have.  I've already purchased some cheap washcloths while I was out today so once I'm out of paper towels, there are no more excuses and there's no turning back.

Also, my apartment complex doesn't have recycling bins.  And I kinda wish it did.  I didn't really worry about it when I first moved in.  But now, I'm thinking that I need to find a local recycling center.  Because my trash bin is completely full of clean cardboard, plastic, and paper.  And I hate to throw it in the bin with the banana peels, sour milk cartons, and leaky diapers.  Not that the leaky diapers are mine, I do have neighbors with kiddos.

So this week I'll be getting some fabric to sew myself some napkins and I'll be finding a recycling center.  

I'm up for other suggestions on going green.  What are doing?



One thought on “What I’m Thinking About…

  1. no more chemicals to clean! Just hot water, white vinegar and those amazing miracle cloths! (they do away with the need for paper products, too). I still use the dishwasher because we just don't get sick if I do but only full loads so with just the two of us it may take 2 or 3 days to fill it up. Also, no more plastic.

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