Impromptu Project

camera strap, crafty, customized camera strap, pink and polka dots

This is one I've been holding onto for quite awhile.  I mean, like 3 years.  Until now, I've been nervous and skeptical about my sewing ability.  And the ability of my sewing machine.  I had many issues a few years ago and never knew how to fix them, or what caused them, or even what to do next.  So I put it way and left it alone, in the dark, for years.  I'm almost feeling rather guilty about it right now.  Almost. 


Recently, I've pulled out the machine and started to play again.  Or rather, play for the first time.  Since I never figured it out in the first place.  And it's been huge amounts of fun.  I have had alot more satisfaction in my sewing projects than I have in my paper projects.  Very fulfilling.



So I pulled out the project I haven't been able to throw out.  And I'm so glad I didn't throw it out.  Because it turned out perfectly.



A customized camera strap.  In my favorite pink and my favorite polka dots.  Yay!



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