keepin it real

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I have surprised myself yet again with another revelation.

I'm completely crazy.

Yeah, I only just now realized it.  I mean, I know I have episodes of crazy.  Bouts of craziness.  Moments of being completely irrational.

But of course, you already knew that.  Like, a long time ago.

You see, I consider myself a stable and rational person.  But every girl has their moments.  Some girls have those moments more often than others.  Some are like that all the time.  I never considered myself one of either of those.


And here's why… in retrospect I've realized my moments are completely predictable.  I swear.  Scout's honor.  While the majoriety of the time I'm logical, even-tempered, cheerful, and not prone to overreaction, every 4 weeks or so I have an episode of being completely irrational and overreact about the smallest things. 

E-V-E-R-Y month. 

What I should do is lock myself in my apartment and disconnect from the world for 3 days or so and wait for the episode to pass.  But instead I continue along, completely oblivious of the freak out bubbling just under the surface, waiting for the smallest bump in the road to break free and have a complete emotional melt down.


So while I'm sitting here being tired, fighting crabbiness, and otherwise not feeling super great, it dawns on me.  I'm gonna start my period this weekend.  Duh! 


And now I just feel like a complete idiot.  Because I now have some major repairing to attend to due to a complete overreaction.  I'm such a crazy girl.

Oh, was that too much information just then?  Get over it. 



One thought on “keepin it real

  1. Well, there's a reason for it all, huh? That's comforting! I wonder what my excuse is… Do I really need an excuse? lol

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