back to normal


It's Monday again.  I think I'm ready this time.

I spent the last few days of the week catching up on some aggravating to-do's.  And I thought that would help me feel better and back in control.  And while it did help, it was not the help I was looking for.

Who knew that cooking would make all the difference?



From Friday's cupcakes, to Saturday's stroganoff, to Sunday's frittata…  I think I'm about back to normal.

The weekend was good.  I got lots of sleep and stayed in bed Sunday longer than normal.  It's been awhile since I stayed wrapped up until 11:00 just because I could.  I should be doing that more often.

Now that it's the beginning of the week, I feel recharged and ready to tackle the things that need to be tackled.  

What didn't I get done this weekend?  The laundry and organizing the hall closet.  And I don't bloody care either.  Yay!

And there's a whole bunch of dishes in the sink.

Here's to taking control of the chaos in my life.


One thought on “back to normal

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