beep beep beep



The line is busy, please call back later.  

My brain is not functioning at it's usual efficiency for me these days.  I have identified the culprit, and I will now attempt the reorganization it takes to mesh it all together.  It can totally be done, I promise.  But in the mean time, I'll be away for a bit.  Getting caught up, getting ahead, and getting it all back together in a tight neat pile where it belongs.  

Things to do, people to see, places to go.  Well, I'm certain about the first one, not so sure about the other two.  There are many things to be done, from laundry to taxes, with sorting the mail and emptying the dishwasher in between.  Don't be alarmed, there is a master list.  I of course keep track of it all and I'm preparing to bust a move on the list like you've never seen before.

By the way, big THANK YOU to those who responded to yesterday's very important question.  I received a few comments here on the blog but also on Facebook. Thank you for participating.  The discussion is still pending.  I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

In the mean time, get off the internet and go do something productive.  But don't forget to come back in a couple days.  I'll miss you.



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