Monday on a Monday


Y'know how sometimes it feels like it should be a different day? 

This happens to me all the time.  I always realize it's not the day I thought it was.  And it usually sucks.  

For example, last week it felt like a Friday, but it was actually Thursday.  Blast!  One more day to work.

Well, to day feels like… Monday?  Except not really.  Because I worked yesterday.  So it should feel like Tuesday.  

Except it doesn't feel like a Monday on a Tuesday.  Or a Tuesday on a Monday.  I still have all my Monday work to do.  So maybe yesterday was Friday on a Sunday?  Except this week will be Friday on a Thursday.  And it wasn't Sunday on a Sunday since I bloody worked!  

So I'm all sorts of confused about it today.  It's a good thing it doesn't really matter.  Work is work is work.  And I'm just glad I have it to do.

So here's to Monday on a Monday.


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One thought on “Monday on a Monday

  1. After working retail for 6 years, and especially since my current employer starts the work week schedule on a Saturday…I never know what day it is. I let my phone tell me.
    Instead of a linear week with a beginning and an end, I have settled for a cycle of days off.
    Good luck finding your Friday!

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