What day is it?  How did I get here?  And where did this mess come from?  Yikes.  

Is it Thursday already?  What happened to the rest of the week?

Since Sunday was a day of work, I'm supposed to have tomorrow off.  But the meeting got moved and I have to come in.  Which means I'll be heading home around lunch time.  And it will be oh so nice.  I have stuff to do!  Things to get done! 

But this is all tomorrow and I still have a full day to get through today.  But I'm out of school for the week and that will free up quite a few hours.  

It always surprises me how much more time I have on the days I'm not in class.  Instead of getting home at 7, I'm rolling in around 4.  So nice! It's always been good to use those days as catch up days.  This semester was planned a bit better (yay me!) so school is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  This means I get Thursday through Sunday all to myself!  And it has been very nice so far.

Lots of homework to catch up on.  I've been not cracking open either book and I have some reading and T-accounts to catch up on.  I'll be hitting the books this weekend to get all that caught up.

In addition to cleaning the old place. Of course it's come down to the wire to get the rest of my stuff out and the place spiffy-ed up.  And I'm not sure that what's left over there can still qualify as stuff.  Maybe more junk.  Except that it's really not junk, it's just stuff that I don't need very often.  Whatever.

And now I'm rambling about things that don't really matter.  I've been away for a couple days! Cut me some slack.  

By the way, Ellie missed you as well.




One thought on “already?

  1. Pictures of your weenie dog make me coo and whine aloud. While I'm home alone.
    hee hee hee
    Cheers to you for smart school planning! And cheers to getting the heck outta that old place!

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