moving day sucks.


Need I say more?

Well, I will anyway.

On top of it being completely freezing, I had a cold.  Still have this cold.  So I didn't really feel good to begin with.  Like, runny nose, a bit of congestion, achey arms and legs.  

Not a good way to start moving day.

But, that was the day we had the truck to do it all so do it all we did.

And in moving the first piece of furniture, I felt a pull in my low back.  Yep, reinjured a prior injury.  The herniated disk strikes again.

But, since there was only the two of us, I got through it all.  He did most of the lifting and carrying.  No more carrying boxes for me that day.

And by the end of the night I could not stand up straight.  And I could hardly walk.  I took some pain meds, finageled a dinner of sorts, and went to bed.

Sunday started the same.  But by the end of the day I had loosened up a bit and I was at least able to walk.  Not properly, and I still had a lot of pain.  But I was at least mobile.

So I went to work yesterday a bit stiff in the morning. And the constant up and down made it a bit sore.  But I made it.  And I even moved a few more things from the old apartment.

So I'm on the mend.  And it's mending a bit faster than I thought it would. 

Which is nice.

Because I can't make any food at my apartment right now.  All the dishes, pots, and pans are at the old place still.

New Apartment



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