Christmas Boots

What I'm...

So I don't buy shoes every month anymore.  Since I really don't need any.  

But I've taken to purchasing shoes for presents to myself when the occasion arises.

Like my birthday boots.

I now have Christmas boots.  


And I'm so in love with them.

Have I said before that I work in a warehouse?  

The reason this is important is because it is not practical for me to wear heels higher than 3 inches.  And it is against the rules to wear open toed shoes.  Or slip ons.

Do you see the dilemma? My place of work severely limits my shoe options.  I usually end up in some type of athletic shoe.  Like my Pumas.  Which I love just as much as my Christmas boots.

And speaking of Christmas boots…

Since I work in a warehouse in a male dominated industry, they are amused by my choices of footwear.  

So my Christmas boots are now known as Jedi boots.

Which makes me laugh.



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