snow for the new year


It's snowing here. After it rained here.  Which means under that layer of snow is revealed a layer of ice.  It always makes driving to work exciting.

With most of the east coast being snowed in over Christmas, I've been equal parts grateful it didn't happen here and jealous.  Crazy right?!  I know, I'm weird and broken.  But the Utah snow is so beautiful and graceful.  And I love being out in it when the flakes are the size of silver dollars and falling ever so gently.  Though I know that's not what the storm was like there and neither was/is ours this time around.

I've heard that people fall in love the most when it's raining.  And there is some scientific explanation for it.  But isn't the snow so much more romantic than the rain? I think so.

Since I've been struck with the sickies, the packing progress has stopped.  Halted.  It's not like I'm on my deathbed or anything.  But I did come home from work early yesterday and sleep for 3 hours.  After which I felt a bit better.  I went out and got home about 8.  (Thanks to the fresh snow and ice I mentioned already.)  And in bed by 9 to sleep all night.  I'm a bit groggy this morning. 

And my throat is still sore and I still don't feel better.  Blast!  

I was hoping to feel better by the weekend so I could be out and about celebrating the new year with friends.  But it's also supposed to snow through Friday afternoon.  Then comes the arctic air.  Have I ever expressed my disgust of the arctic?  It's COLD up there!  And it keeps sending us air like we want it or something.  Eewww!

But I digress…

So with the weather being icky and my throat sore and my body tired (and lots of packing to do), I think I'll be staying in this time around.  Get some good sleep.  And if it comes to it, I'll be getting up early Jan 1 to see the sunrise.  Pending the roads are clear. I did this to ring in 2009 and it was a pretty cool experience. It's the next best thing to staying up all night.  🙂

Happy New Year

Are you staying in or going out?

ps. I'm picking up new apartment keys today.  Exciting!



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