happy new year


rent paid

notice given

bills paid

checkbook balanced

shopping list penned

laundry sorted

return items gathered

packages packaged

boxes gathered

tape and marker ready

truck reserved


Today I'm headed out to urgent care to see if this sore throat is strep.  Not that I really care what it is.  I just want it to go away.

I was in the new apartment yesterday.  I'm so excited.  I realized this morning the only thing I'll miss about this old place is the creek behind the building.  Which will be a huge loss for me.  But I'm happily exchanging it for a patio, more affordable rent, a cozier place, a better location, and new juju. I cannot express to you how this move feels to me.  Just know, I'm so freaking excited about it.  


While I'm out and about to and from urgent care I'll be hitting up the grocery store, Target, the post office, all while getting the laundry done.  Plus I'll fill up the car with some stuff and take it over to the new place.  It's gonna be a busy day.  Hopefully I'll get done in good time so I can pick up the prescription and get home to pack some more.  

It's confirmed I'm not headed out tonight.  So I'll be up early and bundled to watch the sunrise in the morning.  I haven't found a better way to ring in the new year.

AND! I've crossed lots of things off of my to-do lists over the last few months.  I have one week left before school takes over my life again so I'll be busting out a few more.  Feels so good!

Loves!  And happy new year!


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