colors in my life


I never did like using pens with black ink. I always look for a blue one.  I don't even purchase black ones now.  And if I end up with a black one at home I take it to work to get lost there.  Oops, I take it back.  I have one.  To balance my checkbook.  But that's it.

My iPhone case is pink.  Hot metallic pink.  Because I love pink.

Photo 158

I don't own a pair of plain white tube socks.  Ick.  Get them away.  How incredibly boring!

And I don't even match my colored socks to my clothes.  I pick my clothes and grab a pair of socks.  Doesn't matter the color.  It's not like they show anyway.  And it's fun to be wearing navy blue and jeans with pink and brown socks.  You should try it sometime.  

I wear more than 2 colors at a time.  Sometimes.  Not all the time because I'm not that quirky.  Just kind of quirky.

The file folders in my file crate at home are blue, green, and pink.  No boring manila ones.  And that crate?  It's pink too. 

I wish my sewing machine was yellow.  Or pink.  Or red.  Instead of white. Oh well.

I have a bin of markers and pens next to my computer and to-do lists.  That blue ball point pen? I don't use it to write my lists.  I use colors.  All of them.  They mix and match and cross each other out.  There is no color coding.  Just a spur of the moment gut feeling choice.  And at the end of every month, I just love the result.


A friend tells me I'm so happy that I ooze sunshine and rainbows.  That my sunshine and rainbows gushes everywhere and gets all over everyone.  I like that. 


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