Y'know that to-do list i had last week?  For some reason, it's pretty much still my to-do list today.  Again?  How did that happen?  Hmmm.

Not much to share from last week.  Went out with friends.  Worked.  Had some good fun times.  Didn't do the laundry.  Finally did the dishes.  Didn't mail packages (sorry girls).  Didn't grocery shop.  No yoga.  No sewing.  Did file the petition with probate court.  Finally.

Looking back, it wasn't super productive for me.  But it was also a good week.  Kinda wish I was a little bit more on the ball, but a quiet week is nice too. 

So, whatever.  🙂


Do you see the snail on the wall in this picture?  Funny thing happened this week.  It was further down on the wall in another spot.  Kinda under the bushes.  Ellie saw it and she charged it.  She bounded right up to it and was poking it with her nose.  Of course the snail didn't move.  It's a snail.  But I was laughing.  She walked away from it, but when she got about 4 feet away, she turned and bounded up again and poked it.  It didn't move.  It's a snail.  She did this one more time, walked away, then charged again.  Poked it.  It didn't move.  She grunts at it. Pokes it. Grunts again.  She looks at me.  Then pokes it.  It's not moving.  It's a snail.  At this point I am just laughing out loud.  Crazy dog!  Then she walks away with nose and tail down, grunting and whining.  And the whole time, it didn't move.  Why? It's a snail.  It's not like it can pick up it's shell and play chase me chase me with Ellie. It's a snail.  Silly dog.


Have a good weekend!


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