perfect yellow tank on a lazy sunday

crafty, Lazy Sunday, life

I finally altered my yellow dress yesterday.  So glad!  Now I will actually wear the thing.  I've put it on a number of times before, but then changed because I just wasn't happy with it.  Now it's perfect!

It like this:



 See?  Too long for a shirt and too short for a dress.  Even with leggings.  So I chopped it off.

And now it's this:



Now, my hemming skills need a bit of refining.  But for now, it's pretty much perfect. 🙂  So excited to wear it on a beautiful sunshiny day.  


In other news, The weather is beautiful and perfectly sunny.  I'm off to return a couple movies to the redbox and then bake to a nice golden brown next to the pool I scored entrance to.  

Ah sunshine, I have missed you on my skin.  

And, I'll be folding a mountainous pile of laundry.  Since I finally did it all yesterday.  And it's been three weeks.  It's alot of laundry.



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