Happy Holiday

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I hope other people get today off of work like I do.  There is nothing quite like a 3 day weekend when the weather is beautiful and sunshiny. I'm planning on getting out into it.  My soul needs the warmth.

In other news, I finished it!  My super cute pleated messenger bag? Yep, it's done.  And what a project that was.  

First off, the deciphering the instructions was the hardest part.  Ick!  They were not so clear.  I was trying to count last night how many seams I pulled out and had to redo.  I lost count at 12.  I think it's because I fell asleep.  Ha!

And I missed cutting some interfacing for 2 pieces.  I realized it after they were already sewn together so I decided not to tear it all out and start that part over.  Next time I would though.

AND, putting the strap in was a circus.  I sewed it in completely outside in the first time.  Had to rip out four places to get it out and then jimmy it in the right way.  Obviously, next time, I'll do that part differently.  




Now, I'm on to Project #2.  The goal is to turn this:


Into this:


(Image and Etsy shop found here.)


So in between the cutting and the sewing and the ripping and the re-sewing, I'll be catching some sunshine.



One thought on “Happy Holiday

  1. The bag looks great! I love the colors and the great pattern in the fabric. Good job for sticking with it through all the re-dos. The quilt I gave you had plenty of ripping involved. As I told my friend here, Jan Whelchell, ripping is part of sewing! Just be grateful for the invention of the seam ripper. And when it gets dull, get a new one.

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