She said what?

life, she said

I ended up heading back to work after I got home last night.  From work.  Wasn't such a huge deal.  One of those, make sure it happens the way it needs to because your tail is on the line if it doesn't kind of thing.  And it happened the way it was supposed to with out me there.  But the confirmation is good.  And, I have nothing else going on so, why not?

Either way, Ellie was not pleased.  Though, she was super pleased to see me come back again.  That's always the fun part.  She runs in circles at full speed.  Which I think is rather speedy.  But half the circle is on hard floor and there is NO traction.  She goes skidding into the front door rather frequently.  Like twice a day.  Makes me laugh out loud.  Every. Single. Time.


Now, technically, this is a horrible pictures. But it totally makes me laugh out loud too.  Because she so frequently looks like this.  Like a crazy dog.  So freaking funny.



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