a visitor this week

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The roommate offered to watch a friend's Boston terrier a while back and this week he decided to cash in. The pup's name is Dido.

I'm not certain of her age, but she is a hoot to have around.  Though it does add a different element to walking the dogs in the morning, now there are three.  The two dogs and I have our morning routine down pretty good so adding an additional pup has been interesting.

I can say that there have only been small scuffles and no fights. For this I count my lucky stars, three female dogs in the same house can be difficult. Other than a few jealousy moments they are all getting along fine.

Dido is quite the personality.  I've always thought of Ellie as spunky and I still stand by this. I would call Dido quirky. With her different colored eyes, pig-like snorting and deep snoring it's hard for me to call her anything but quirky. She's a doll to have around, obedient and not rowdy. Though she loves to go on walks and will pull your arm off until she finds a spot to releive herself. 


turn up your volume, don't watch, just listen to her snoring.

She insists on sitting in my lap which I'm fine with but is always a struggle. She is a few pounds heavier than Ellie and she does not sit still.  If you stop petting for a moment she quickly turns to lick your face and remind you what you are supposed to be doing. She cracks me up with her snorting and licks. 

She'll head home sometime Sunday. It's been nice having her around, and I'm sure I'll miss her when she's gone. I've enjoyed her enough that if there is ever a time in the future when I get a new dog, I'll consider getting a Boston. 



ms. corn dog

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Last week I received notice from my apartment management that my neighbor has been bothered by my dog's barking during the day.  The lease agreement states that if my pet bothers my neighbors I have 10 days to permanently remove the pet from the property.  And I had 72 hours to respond to management.


I have found myself fortunate enough to have quality friends who are willing and able to step in to help me find an alternative living arrangement for Ellie.  She stayed with the normal dog sitter while I was in Boston and for the next few days.  This weekend I will be taking Ellie to her new home.  She will stay there at least until January when my lease is up and I will be looking for new housing that will accommodate the both of us.  


I'm incredibly sad that this apartment has not turned out to be a long term place for me and Ellie.  Since it is not something I am able to fix right now, it is what it is and I have to deal with it.  


I have to say, coming home is just not as fun as it used to be.  



she said

I've been chastised for putting reindeer antlers on Ellie.


 And the funny hat.


And the mummy.


And the raincoat.


 And making her wear her sweaters. Which, unfortunately, I don't have a picture of.

The problem is I really really really want to get this for her. 


Because it couldn't be more perfect for my little corn dog.




she said






Everyday when I get home she runs around the place like a crazy dog and I've been taking her out on a walk as soon as I get home. She's settling into the routine nicely.  She's also getting used to seeing more people around.  At our old place we didn't see many people when we were out and about. But because this place is sooo much bigger, there is always someone coming and going.  She has a tendency to get worked up over strangers and especially strange dogs.  But since we've been outside more, because the weather is actually pleasant, she's been not so touchy.

And it's been nice. Because no wants to be 'that dog owner'.  Y'know, the one that has the yappy dog? Yep, it's not me.

she likes going for walks

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The weather is starting to turn a bit nice.  Except for the next couple few days.  Storms coming and going as is typical for spring.  So when the weather is nice enough, and when the wind doesn't have a bite, we go for a walk.  Not a super long one, but for 15 minutes or so.  She really likes it.  Which makes me feel a bit guilty for not continuing to walk her in the middle of winter in a blizzard when it's 20 degrees out. 

Oh wait.  No I don't. 

Especially since she's caught on and enjoys a rip roaring game of fetch.  She makes a mad dash around the apartment a few times, then runs up and down the hall bringing back the squeeky giraffe before she wanders close to me and collapses on the floor next to me.  

With her short little legs, floppy ears, and wiggling tail she makes me laugh everytime.

She one of the best things to have ever happened to me.