finger knitting

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It has always been interesting to me how things become trendy.  Whether it's fashion, home decor, music, or crafts.  It seems that it only takes the right person to push the first domino over and the rest just fall into line.  

This time, it's finger knitting.  I'd never heard of it before.  Until Elsie and Rachel did it.  The tutorial is here.  I knew it would be an easy project.  But I didn't have need for more garland, nor did I think it would make the perfect gift for someone else.  Now, while I had decided that I was not going to participate in this new crafty project, other crafty bloggers all over were blogging and posting pictures of their new pretty finger knitted garlands hanging on their christmas trees and on their walls.  It really does turn out cute.  I just don't need more yarn projects that take up space in my closet.

So, here I am traveling to Tuscon later this week.  I hate sitting on the plane and not doing anything.  It's totally NOT like driving where I have to sit and look straight ahead the entire time or I throw up.  So not like that.  I needed a book or a project to keep me entertained.

I have a couple birthdays coming up that I need to get packages together and ready to send to the special person for their special day.

I have quite a love affair with scarves.  And, since it's quite chilly (really freaking cold) here, a girl can't have too many scarves.

Ah Ha!

I'll finger knit a long skinny scarf!  Long so it wraps around twice.  With tassels.  

I found some plushy yarn at the craft store in the perfect color.  Tried it out last night.  Only takes about 20 minutes to get one long enough.  Crazy easy process.  And while seated and rockin out to Shakira on the plane, it's perfect.  Can I carry small scissors on the plane?  Does anyone know?




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