it’s winter today

Lazy Sunday, life

Started snowing last night.  It's continuing through the day.  Which I'm ok with since I'm not leaving the apartment today.  For any reason.

Have you had these truffles?


So good.  Seriously, go out and buy yourself some. Lucky for me, they make caramels too.


I've died and gone to heaven.  Seriously.  Thank you world market.



In other news, our company holiday party was last night.  We did a mystery dinner which was alot of fun.  It is kinda weird going to a party without a date.  It stopped being fun rather quickly and I scooted out early.  

I'm off work this whole week.  It's hard to believe that I don't have to get up early tomorrow and head in to do payroll.  Or get up at all.  All day long.  

I have a couple finals this week.  I am getting ready and studying hard, though I don't think they'll be too bad.  Thursday afternoon I'm off to Tuscon to visit my sister.  I'm fairly excited about that.  I don't usually go anywhere when I'm off work, so packing up and getting away for a few days will be nice.

It's been snowing all morning.  Stopped a few minutes ago, but it's supposed to continue for awhile longer.  Thank goodness I have the ski passes later this week.




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