weekend love


It's Friday today.  In case you missed it.  In case you haven't been counting down the days since Monday.

It seems that short work weeks take longer than regular weeks.  I've worked 3 days so far, with one more to go, and it feels like 5 already.  

The weather is supposed to absolutely wonderful this week, 80+ degrees.  Finally.  

It looks like starting Monday I'll clock hours everyday for 9 days right before my 5 day vacation. This is my last weekend completely off of work until then.  Here's to earning the privilege to ride roller coasters and take a nap on the Santa Monica beach.  


(picture from my trip last May)

I'll be spending the weekend soaking up some sun, doing laundry, paying bills, cleaning the bathroom, and doing something new and adventurous.  

What are you doing?

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