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I took an adventure to the city library downtown. I had read of a photo exhibit that would be on display until the end of March.  There are plenty of things I read about that I would like to do but don't because I don't want to venture out by myself. After all, we all know doing some adventuring is more fun when you have a partner in crime. But since this was a photo exhibit at the library where I have adventured before, I decided that I would still go. Even by myself. 

I picked a Sunday to adventure out. Which is both good and bad. Because it's Sunday the library and downtown won't be so busy. But it also means I won't be able to take Trax downtown. 

Adventuring is always more fun when the train is running. 

The sky was clear. There sun was shining. There was a cool breeze. Armed with my camera and bottle of water I made sure I had cash for parking and ventured downtown. I couldn't have asked for a more spectacular day. The library is always peaceful. And for some reason, I felt it more today. 

Maybe because the last time I adventured to the library was 2 1/2 years ago. On the dawn of my 25th birthday. My life was upside down. My future questionable. I remember walking the stairs to the top of the crescent wall in the gray and drizzling October weather wondering what was next for me. My whole life had turned in it's head and I had no direction. As I found my way to the top of the stairs I was looking around and the fall foliage and gray clouds and enjoying my favorite time of year. I happened to look down and was shocked at what I saw. The answer to my questions was right there at my feet.



The beginning. The end. 

My outlook immediately changed. I realized at that moment that life is what you make of it. It will be how you see it to be. It very well could have been the end of my sanity. But instead, because of a few words stamped in the concrete, it became the beginning of my sanity. Of my happiness. Of my journey to becoming a more happy and fulfilled me. 

So yesterday when I returned to the library I wanted to climb again to the top of the crescent wall.  But no such luck this time.  The wall and rooftop garden were closed.  It was not obvious to my why but I took it as a sign.  I wasn't coming to find answers this time. I was coming to fine reassurance. Validation. Peace with the choices I already made.  The plan I had created to find that validation was foiled.  I was not able to find validation in the same way I had before.  And not only because the crescent wall was closed, but because I'm a different person than I was the last time I climbed it.  

I wandered down to the lawn instead.  It was warm enough to enjoy the spring sunshine in my short sleeves so I removed my sweater and soaked in the warmth kissing my skin.  I felt the sun reassuring me that indeed spring is here and summer is on its way.  I reminded myself to be patient, the sun would indeed shine.



And there was the answer.  Everything in time.  Be patient.  There is no shortage of plans, desire, need, or motivation.  The only thing left is time.  And you can't rush time.  The only thing I can do is keep my ducks in a row and make sure I'm ready to make the jump the gap when the time is right.  Patience grasshopper, the best parts of the year are still to come.

Here's to spring and the promise of warmer weather.



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