shift happens


Do I need to remind you that I'm overwhelmed?  I'm overwhelmed.

My last class of the semester is tonight.  Finishing up papers, projects, and crazy websites.  And after 8:30 tonight I'll be washing my hands of this business.  For the next 3 weeks or so.  Whew.


Checking out more apartments today.  Narrowing down the list.  I think I've found a winner.  Almost.  I'll keep you posted.


Almost ready to switch gears for the craft fair.  I'm trying to stay focused on school, but there is this other list of stuff that I need to pay attention to as well.  Progress is being made, but it's slow.  But even baby steps are progress, right?  Right.  Onward.


And while I'm trying to keep this all together, there is a major shift happening.  I can't tell what or how or when.  But I feel it.  At work, at home, in relationships, in the future.  But I can't stop and sit and wait for it to happen.  I have to keep plugging along.  Because plugging along is what triggers it.  And if I stop then it will stop.  As the feeling gets bigger, I'm getting more nervous. But I'm working to keep an open mind and an open heart.


Because this is gonna be big.  

I can just tell.

Cheers.  To change.  And progress.


One thought on “shift happens

  1. Hope it's great for you–the upcoming shift. And I thought you had decided not to move? What changed your mind? Good luck, sweetie. See you in April. Can't wait.

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