i took a small break


But I'm back now.  And mostly rested.  Even though I took a blog break, there was no resting involved.

Except from Miss Snuggle Bean.


School is coming to a close.  Which means that everything is due in every class.  Including presentations, course reviews, reflective writing, group projects, and registration for next semester. 

What an excellent time to knocked on my back by the sickies.  Eww.

I battled through school and work and finally made it to the weekend.  Only to head off to Snowbird for the work holiday party.  And as a follow up to my post on creativity about a month ago, here are the centerpieces.



The party was fun and the company was great.  It's always fun to have an excuse to dress up a bit.  


I was able to stay the night at the resort.  Hence the view from my room.  I always underestimate how wonderful it's going to be to stay the night in a nice hotel.  That didn't cost me anything.  


So while my toes are recovering from wearing smashingly sexy 4″ heels for 6 hours, I'll be preparing for the craft fair I'm doing with my sister this weekend.  So excited!  And nervous.  Since I've never done one before.  I'll go up to do this with her so when I do one later this year I'll be prepared.  Yay!



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