Then there was snow & *giveaway*


It rained almost all weekend.  It was blustery and chilly and I didn't want to leave the house.  And then it snowed.  Just in time for the drive to work on Wednesday.  It snowed most of the morning.  Then stopped and in true Utah fashion it was gone by the time I headed away from the workplace.

In more serious news, I thought I made it through the birthday with no serious breakdowns.  Because this is something I do every so often.  I've been feeling one coming on, I've been trying to thwart it with sleep, coffee treats, rented movies and otherwise more for me.  And technically I did make it through my birthday.  It was the day after that was a complete mess.  And at work no less.  Brilliant.  One simple series of questions and the floodgates open.  At least I kept it together long enough to escape my boss's office.  Fantastic.  But the rest of the day was a complete disaster.  By the time home-time came I was completely exhausted.  

A small pick-me-up at the very end turned the whole thing around.  Well, not the whole thing, the issues are still there.  But the distraction was enough to get me refocused and I made a couple decisions that I've been stuck on.  Which, I'm not sure emotionally exhausted is the right frame of mind to make those decisions.  But it's done now.  

Anyway… The pick-me-up?  Check out the right sidebar on this blog.  Do you see the little ad?  It's mine.  Yay!  There will be one other blog ad in November.  I have a couple lined up for December too.  We'll just have to wait and see what happens. 

Since yesterday was so miserable, I woke up this morning on the defensive.  I really don't want the crap today, I don't want to put up with it and I don't have to.  Which is slightly unnerving because I will usually make rash decisions when I feel like this.  And I think I've made enough decisions for this week thank you very much.  Today I'll be laying low and keeping it all to myself.  

After the small pick me up, a short walk to the corner market, a rather large mug of home brewed coffee, and a couple small projects unburied and completed.  New ideas and lists are forming in my ever-processing-brain and I feel a brainstorm session coming on.  It's a wonder I ever sleep around here.

I took most of the night off.  I really needed it.  After a meltdown like I had it's mandatory.  And the next couple days will be touch and go.  But I've eliminated a huge stress and made plans for a refocus.  So hopefully I'll be back to normal soon.  

And now I've rambled on and on thisis pretty long.  If you made it this far, congratulations!  And thank you.

In other fun news – It's Halloween!  What are your plans?  Post a comment with your Halloween plans on this blog and I'll pick someone Monday to receive something fun!   




One thought on “Then there was snow & *giveaway*

  1. For the second Friday night, I'm going to Kings Island for their Halloween Haunt. Kings Island is a huge amusement park. Kinda like Lagoon, but much bigger. More rides and stuff. From the moment you step inside the park, you are looking all around just waiting for one of the many people dressed up to scare you. Then, they have about 16 haunted mazes and houses. Of course, most of the rides are open to ride at night. Which, just adds to the excitement. I had such a great time getting scarred last Friday that I'm doing it again for my Halloween weekend. What are your plans?

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