NYC- Day 1

Happy Travels

I arrived in NYC on Wednesday in the late afternoon.  Shauna was working so I headed to her work to meet up with her there.  After she got off we headed uptown to her apartment.  She made dinner and I met Aspen, her super cool and fun friend.  We stayed up until 3 am doing the whole bonding and girl talk thing.  It was so fun.



On Thursday we were up around 10 am and headed out to walk the High Line.  The High Line is an old elevated freight train line that runs down the west side of Manhattan and ends in the Meatpacking District in Chelsea.  It's no longer in use and nature took over and started to grow plants around the old tracks.  The city took control of it the design and plants they put in were specifically to compliment what was already growing.  Since it's an elevated line you get a view of the city from about 3-4 stories up.  It's a pretty amazing place.  

There are also a ton of art galleries in Chelsea and we popped into a few.  







 After the High Line we walked through Greenwich Village stopped for cupcakes and then into Soho, Chinatown and Little Italy.  In Chinatown we had some vietnamese food that was a-MAZ-ing.  Then headed back to the Village for drinks in a very cool lounge.  I got all my required souvenir shopping done all in one day.  The rest was icing on the cake.  Yay!




The hurricane that had been making its way up the east coast had apparently turned into a huge rain storm and came ashore that evening.  We had just barely made it into the subway when the thunder and lighting were right above the city.  Holy loud!  We hopped onto the train and when we got off and were headed toward the exit there were people coming down the stairs and they were soaked!  Crazy amounts of rain came down and I'm glad we were on the train and missed it! 

Long day + lots of walking = two very tired and happy girls!

Happy Travels! 


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