Hello my yogi friends!  

This week I wanted to talk about chivasina.  I have had a few instructors say that they think this is the hardest pose.  Which if you've looked ahead, your laughing right now.  But I will say that I don't disagree with them.



You take chivasina after your practice is done.  This is the last pose.

Lay on your back, take the most comfortable position.  Arms by your side palms up, legs relaxed, allow the feet to roll to the outside.  If this is uncomfortable for your low back, it is ok to put to soles of your feet on the ground and bend your knees.  Or roll a blanket to put under your knees to relieve the pressure.  

The other thing that can help:  while you are sitting in the chair reading this, sit up straight, roll your shoulders back and reach your shoulder blades together.  Do you feel that they are kind of hugging your spine?  If you were laying on your mat, this would put the shoulder blades on the ground, lift your spine off the ground.  This helps to relieve the pressure as well.  

The goal for this pose is to bring you back to calm breaths, relax the mind, let the blood flow to all your limbs.  So while laying on the ground,  in a completely relaxed state, you dwell only on your breathing.  And do NOT move.  Do not wiggle your toes, scratch your nose, or twitch your legs.  Lie perfectly still.  If your mind wanders, push out the thoughts and come back to your breath.  This pose is the epitome of stillness.  Not only for your body, but for your mind.  This is not the time for making mental lists or thinking about the next thing for the day.  You are to be perfectly still in body and mind.

If you are anything like me, it's rather difficult.  

When you are ready, after at least a couple minutes, start to deepen the breath.  Introduce small movements, wiggle the toes and fingers.  Flex your leg muscles.  Roll onto your side in the fetal position.  Open your eyes.  This symbolizes rebirth.  Take a few breaths.  When you are ready move slowly to a seated position, careful not to disturb your relaxed muscles.  Hands on your knees, sitting up tall and straight, deep calm breaths.  Inhale arms all the way up, exhale hands to heart center.

Remind yourself of the intentions that you expressed in the beginning breathing.  Express gratitude to your body, to the universe, to whatever you feel is appropriate.  Take deep cleansing breaths.  






One thought on “Chivasina

  1. You don't mean “lay.” Lay is a transitive verb and takes a direct object. You mean “lie.” You lie down on your mat. You lay your mat on the floor before you lie on it.

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