I’ve been 33 for seven days.


Usually, I’d have sat down and hammered out goals and aspirations for the next 12 months by now. What’s a new skill I want to learn? What bad habit will I break? What new place will I travel to? This year has been different.

Me, hiking down from Camp Muir in Mount Rainier National Park.

Me, hiking down from Camp Muir in Mount Rainier National Park. Photo by Allison.

Usually, I feel like I have a lot of learning to do. I need a kick in the pants. Some changes need to be made. It’s time to buckle down and focus. It’s not that I don’t, but this year has been different.

This time around, I didn’t wait for landmark dates to make changes, to initiate movement, or strive for a better me.

This time around, when I sat down to hash out next year’s goals, I came up empty. Not because I don’t have any, but because the momentum is already there and the goals are already in place. I don’t have anything new.

Usually, I would say something like, “Go on an adventure.” This time I say, “Have more adventure.” It’s not, “Go someplace new.” It’s, “Keep going.” Usually it’s, “Read 12 books.” This time it’s, “Keep reading what inspires you.”

Sometimes I pick a theme for the year. “Intention” was one, “Adventure” was another. “Solitude,” “Peace,” and “Reflection” were others. They were all chosen to keep me focused on what I needed to be doing, how I should do it, and feelings that I was trying to cultivate in my life.

Klahhane Ridge

I went outside, washington

My hiking companion and I were very excited to hike Mount Storm King on the Olympic Peninsula overlooking Crescent Lake. Unfortunately, we detoured from our original plan just four miles from the trail head. Instead of slinking home, because who does that, we quickly made a new plan, consulted the ranger, and headed to into Olympic National Park to test out Klahhane Ridge. The day did not disappoint or suck in any way. It was magic.

Kanarraville Falls

I went outside, Utah

I spent the other weekend in Southern Utah, and it reminded me how much I love the Utah desert.

Otherwise known as Kanaraville Creek, this fun little hike features an exposed tromp up and over a little hill into the canyon and through the creek, revealing a surprisingly beautiful and accessible slot canyon.

We saw quite a few people during our trip, especially for a Sunday. We went past the first ladder, but not all the way to the second ladder, as we were concerned about time. But it’s definitely a spot I’ll return to again and again.

The Enchantments

I went outside, outdoors, Pacific Northwest

It’s nearly a week later and I still don’t have all the right words to describe this trek through The Enchantments. Appropriately called the “Death March,” this 18-mile slog included 4,500 feet of elevation gain and 6,500 feet of elevation loss. The terrain was tricky, and included boulders, scree, and snow.

It is sufficient to say though, that the scope of my dream adventures has grown. A few key gear additions, and this girl will be ready to climb full-fledged mountains.

Checking in


Sometimes, I just need a break. The desire to write for myself comes and goes, ebbs and flows. Just as life and happiness and productivity and motivation comes and goes, ebbs and flows.

I’ve been lucky to have time and energy and health to hike quite a bit this summer but this weekend holds an adventure of epic proportions, and it’s about all I can think about these days. Four. More Days.

What I feel like sharing is more than I have the energy to actually relate. So instead, here’s a photo from a recent hike. That will suffice for now.


Looking south from the approach to the summit of Granite Mountain. June 26, 2016