a camel coat

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I remember from my childhood my mom having a camel colored wool coat. It was long, to her knees, but not a trench coat. A swing coat maybe with a lapel collar and maybe four big buttons down the front.

At least, that's how I remember it.

I remember it because she only wore it on special occasions. It was her fancy coat. I only recall seeing it a few times, on Christmas Sundays I think. but I do remember thinking it was fancy and lovely when I did see it. I always though she looked so classy when she wore it and I wished she wore it more often.

She doesn't have that coat anymore, hasn't for a long time. I don't quite remember when she got rid of it, but it was years ago. For the longest time I've thought about that coat and wanted something just like it.

A few years ago I found a bloack wool swing coast with big brown buttons and a super cute collar. I had to have it then and there and it became mine. It continues to be one of my better purchases over the years.

And tru to my life philosophy, I don't save it for special occasions. I war it frequesntly, with jeans, skirts, heels and sneakers. I love it. Though it is about half a size too small and the sleeves are a smidge short, it's nothing a pair of gloves can't fix.

The coat I have is black, and while it's wonderfully versatile, I still won't have a complete wardrobe until I get my hands of a camel colored coat.






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We are still battling this weird spring weather.  Yesterday was 67 degrees and wonderfully beautiful. This weekend is supposed to pop over 70 degrees  Monday is supposed to be 35 degrees.  I hope this stops soon.  I'm fighting a spring cold and the faster this nutty weather stops, the sooner I'll be feeling back to normal. And really, I like feeling normal.

To help bend Mother Nature into submission, and give me some sunshine, I I'm searching for white summer dresses.

White dress j crew


White dress ae


White dress modcloth

White dress old navy Source

White dress mine ae


The last one is the one I bought last weekend.  I'm very ready for the sun to shine so I can wear it.


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For a long while I've been in pursuit of the perfect wardrobe.  Y'know, the one with everything for every occasion?  

I've now realized this is impossible. 


So instead, I've been in pursuit of an outfit to go with every pair of shoes I own.  Which has been much more fun, since I have *a lot* of shoes.  And that process seems to work better for me.  Shoes first, then the dress.

Specifically, this awesome pair of gold heels.  4 1/2″ heels.  Which I love.  And I have now come across the most perfect dress, of the fancy variety, to wear with them.  Love!



And of course, Ellie wanted in on the action.  


Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect earrings.

And the perfect date.