i’m here for the boobies

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 Saturday was the Race for the Cure.  High clouds covered the sun and made the temperature absolutely perfect for an easy 3 mile run.  Coming into downtown for this event is always overwhelming for me.  I love when so many people are gathered together for one purpose.  

They played music over the loud speaker and  I waited in the crowd with 20,000 other people for the run to start.  Cheer squads from 6 local high schools were cheering at the starting line and then throughout the course at the mile markers, the top of the 2 inclines, and at the finish line.  


This experience was so much different for me than the first time I did it.  Most of my trouble last time was wrapped around my physical readiness, which added to emotional breakdown.  I consider that time to be a success, it was an amazing experience.  But this time was so different.  I was more physically ready to run 3 miles which allowed me to be part of the celebration of the event and not the struggle.  

I ran the whole 3.1 in 35 minutes and it was pretty much amazing. I wish I had pink shorts to wear, that would have made it more fun.  I didn't stay very long for the celebrations and awards afterward. I have a hard time in crowds at the mall, let alone a crowd of 20,000 people.  


There was so much pink, and since it happens to be my second favorite color, it made me so happy!  It was everywhere from balloons and banners to bandanas and feather boas and tutus.  It was an amazing celebration.

There were many groups of people participating as a team.  They have shirts made with catchy phrases and pictures of loved ones.  My favorite?  “I'm here for the boobies” from Team eBay.  Loved it.  There were others like “save the tatas”, “joggers for knockers”, etc.  No reason to be embarrassed about it, it's ok to admit you love em too.

Besides, where else can a person go to celebrate boobs in a completely wholesome way?  

They are accepting donations through May so there's still time!  Go here.