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At this time in years past I've rationed the Christmas music.  It's everywhere at this point.  There is a radio station here that pays the holiday cheer 24-7 starting the day after Halloween.

I used to give in and listen to the jingle belling and the deck the halling on constant repeat until the week before Christmas when, if I heard another version of Rudolf or Mariah tell me what she wants for Christmas one more time, I would have to fight the urge to cut my ears off.

This year I'm having a hard time coming to grips with the fact it's Thanksgiving already, let alone drowning myself in holiday tunes.  This year has passed so incredibly fast.  It's hard to remember what I was even doing this time last year.  Oh wait…

Anyway, today serves as a reminder to me that while things are busy, the futue is exciting, and yes I need more sleep, I really need to take it down a notch. Be present. Enjoy the moment. Appreciate what's happening right now.

So I take the time to remember the things I'm thankful for: 

Today's weather, dry and “warm” at almost 60 degrees.

The opportunity to make good food and share it with good friends.

Christmas music to help me feel the holiday cheer.

My incredibly wonderful family.

The parents I'm lucky to have.

Past experiences that make me who I am.

My employment, apartment, and the things I need.

My urban family = friends who take care of me as if I really belonged to their families.

The people I have met who enrich my life.

The possiblities hidden in the future waiting for me.

Today I turn down the noise and turn up the holiday tunes. Because nothing gets me feeling hoiday cheery more than Bing Crosby, the Nutcracker Ballet, Nat King Cole and Peggy Lee.

Today I take it slow, enjoy the process, and be thankful. Because by the time tomorrow comes, today will have been 3 months ago and I'll want it all back.


Happy Thanksgiving. 

the last two hours

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The official announcement is here: I'm going back to school.


Not like the times I've gone back to school before.  This time is majorly different.  I'll be attenting the University of Utah full time. Full time school.  It's been… 8 years since I attended school carrying a full load of credits. 

The last two hours have been spent pouring over class schedules and course descriptions and the general catalog doing what I do best: planning. Picking classes, looking forward to the following semester to plan prerequisites and course flow, adding in general requirements and fixing up my schedule. All while keeping in mind future work hours, walking time between buildings, and allowing time to eat. And hoping I won't live too far from campus and that there will be plenty of social outings and time to relieve the stress.  And read my textbooks. 

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. January looms closer. Closer to the time I move apartments (again) and start this new chapter. Though it feels more like a new book in the series, not just another chapter. This is huge.

But I remember that in the next 3 short months before school starts, there are plenty of other things to look forward to. And I certainly don't want to skip over them.

It's the time of year I turn one year older. I think I've finally reached the age where I can say I'm almost 30. Is that jumping ahead a little bit? Probably. But it makes me smile. And it helps me remember to enjoy these moments right now because pretty soon, they'll be 10 years ago.

And quickly after I blow out the candles comes Halloween. I'm looking forward to this, if only for the reason that I get to dress up, dance, spend time with good friends, and blow off some steam. It's been stressful these last weeks and I need to relax. Halloween will be awesome.

Thanksgiving is coming up. It's my favorite holiday. And this year is gonna be great, if only because I want it to be.

Then comes Christmas. Enjoying good food with family is always a good time. Mixing in a bit of making the other person smile and the day is always memorable. 

So while I look forward to the changes the new year will bring, I have to remind myself to enjoy right now. Too soon will right now be yesterday, and I'd like to enjoy right now instead of looking back at yesterday wishing I'd spent it happy instead of wasting it being stressed.