this week on my television


OMG You guys. Keeping up with this is a nightmare.


  • The Mindy Project: I’m sure it’s up to three episodes by now. I usually watch this on Wednesday after it airs on Tuesday. I love Mindy Kaling, but I’m coming to terms with being over the show. Bummer. Side note: I am in LOVE with her American Express commercial..
  • The New Girl: I can’t get enough of this show. I wish I was starting it from the beginning right now so I could watch the whole thing through for the first time. #sogood. Also, last week, Jess and Cece said what we are all thinking. We’re worried about Taylor Swift living alone in New York City. It’s on Fox on Tuesdays. Watch it.
  • Madam Secretary: Because, Tea Leoni and Tim Daly. I love political dramas, and I simply love the way their marital relationship is handled, how they raise their kids as a team, and deal with Washington and jobs and parenting like the ultimate tag-team. I want to be them. Sundays on CBS.
  • A day in the life of Game of Thrones: A quick, 20-minute look at filming of the hit show that I can’t get enough of. It’s quite the production. #nerdalert.
  • House of Cards: I watched all 13 hour in 24 hours. With a date in the middle. #rockstar. In other news, this show moves so slow. And I love that it’s Claire’s season. Finally. 
  • Peaky Blinders: Watched all 13 hours during the same 48 hours that House of Cards happened. Apparently I have a problem. A serious one. Anyone who remotely enjoyed Boardwalk Empire should watch Peaky Blinders. It’s seriously so good. Cillian Murphy is amaze, the art direction is brilliant, and the stories are perfect. I believe my direct Facebook post was “It’s so lovely in all of its arty, gritty, hipster glory.” And I stand by that.
  • The West: Ken Burn’s documentary on the settling of the west. It’s long and epic and from 1996. I’m enjoying it, but not loving it. I believe I have 
  • The Unsinkable Kimmy Schmidt: Awful. I really wanted to love this, because I really do love Tina Fey, and I put in a good effort by watching eight episodes, but I won’t be watching another minute of this. I’m over it. 


  • Tailor Tinker Soldier Spy: I really tried to watch the whole thing but halfway through I was so lost. So I turned it off. It’s on the list to attempt again though. 
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel: I’m resigned to not being a fan of Wes Anderson, but I enjoyed the hell out of this one. All of his films are beautifully shot, set design is perfect, and costumes are impeccable, but I really don’t get the straight faced dialogue. The films are lovely to see, but torture to watch. Expect for this one. I laughed plenty and I stayed tuned in the entire time. Bravo. 
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: This was brilliant. I loved the short story the movie is based on, and I think the movie did it justice. I loved the sense of adventure, courage, and bravery illustrated in the story line. Kristin Wigg, of course, is perfect, and I did really like Ben Stiller. It was a fun adventure and a great opportunity for me to check my own life. 
  • Citizenfour: Academy Award winner for Best Documentary. I admit this was a little dry, even as someone who loves documentaries and media. It was a little slow moving, and there were lots of parts to read, since much of the communications between Laura Poitras and Edward Snowden were electronic. But it was interesting to see the process of the telling the stories, and see Glenn Greenwald at work. I’m glad the film won the Oscar. The issue is very important, and something we should all be paying attention to. 
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: I FINALLY watched this and it was amazing. It absolutely lived up to the hype. I’m watching it again this weekend over margaritas. I also have the soundtrack in my car’s cd player and it’s totally getting me through this stressful week. #nailedit
  • Frozen & Brave: Because Candace came over and we sewed pillows and watched Disney movies. What of it??
I’m pretty sure this is a comprehensive list. If I remember something I left out, I’m gonna leave it out, because if there really is something else to add to this list, then I’ll be really embarrassed about the amount of TV I watch. I mean, more embarraessed than I already am. 

on my television


It’s interesting to me that when I look back on an entire week, or multiple weeks, and try to remember all the television I’ve watched, I usually can only remember one or two things.

For example, I very distinctly remember finishing the entire series of Friends, some of the Oscars, and Downton Abbey. But I don’t remember much beyond that.

Is it possible that those three shows are all I watched during the past two weeks? It probably is.

And can we take a moment and just think on the fact that Friends ran for 10 seasons? TEN, you guys. That’s amaze balls.

Here’s what I can remember watching from the past two weeks:

Friends – Series wrapped up! Hooray!
The Mindy Project – Three episodes
New Girl – Two episodes
Downton Abbey – Two episodes
The Oscars – Some of it.

Big Sur
Magic Beyond Words: Biopic of J.K. Rowling

In better media news, I’ve been reading the past two Sundays instead of watching TV. Otherwise I would have finished Friends the previous weekend. 🙂

Also, now that the series is done, I’ve moved into the realm of movies. I’m weary of binge watching the same characters and story lines over and over. Movies are contained within just a few hours, so I can take in the plot, character development, and wrap it all up in a nice little package in three hours or less. Plus, with the Academy Awards done and over, and having seen only one of them, there are plenty of good movies out to take up my time, instead of wasting it on mediocre television.

Although, House of Cards season three will be released this weekend. So. There’s that.

this week in tv


Keeping track of my tv-watching certainly puts a dent in my watching. I suppose that’s the point, right? Alright, fine. 

Friends – 1.5 seasons
Live TV
Super Bowl (which is, like, 4 hours!)
Downton Abbey – 1 episode
p.s. – I watched a ton of Friends, and that’s because I was limiting the TV I could watch so instead of drifting through the myriad options to see what’s out there, I stuck with Friends. 🙂

this weekend in media

movies, television

I watch an ungodly amount of television. Every Monday I am amazed at the amount of television I consumed during the weekend. In an effort to hold myself accountable every Sunday night I’ll write down when I watched during the previous week.

I’m prepared to be embarrassed, you prepare to be appalled.

On Netflix:
Friends, entire second season

Comcast OnDemand:
Becoming Jane
Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, 8 episodes
Agent Carter, 3 episodes
Vampire Diaries, 1 episode
Hart of Dixie, 1 episode

On TV:
SAG awards
Downton Abbey, 2 episodes

I’m considering altering the way I watch TV by incorporating some exercise into the program. Sort of like drinking games for movies and the State of the Union.

Oh! I watched the SOTU this week too. 🙂

Anyway, these little cheat sheets are all over the internet, so there’s really no excuse for not doing at least a little something. Plus, if I’m not allowed to sit still while watching television, then I might not watch as much. 🙂

On the plus side of all this, I did go for a 2.5 mile hike/run and got a little feels-so-good-sore. So there’s that.