what do you eat instead?

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Since starting school, when 2pm comes around I'm hungry enough to consider eating my foot. And since there are so many meal replacement/protien bars on the market these days, I decided to try them and find the best one for me.


I started with Pro Bar.  It's made in Park City and, honestly, that weighed heavily on my choosing that one to start. And it's not bad! Fairly dense and hearty, it filled me up and held me over until I could grab something to eat after classes were over.  


Y'know how some meal replacement bars have a kind of… dirty flavor. Like it's made of protein powder and gross dates blended up to hold the mass together? This kinda has that. But with the many flavors available (Cran-Lemon Twister being my favorite) it's not nearly as bad as say, a Power Bar. Because those things are yicky.


Next was the LaraBar. Which I did not like.  It was pretty lemon-y. And for way fewer calories but waaay more saturated fat and less protein… not what I was looking for.


Third was the Odwalla Berries GoMega.  It was pretty good, like one of those breakfast ceral bars. With less calories, fat, and sugars, it would be a good option. But it just didn't hold me over. 


I mentioned my little experiment to Lauren, she suggested I try the Special K protein meal bar. That was the one she liked. I wondered if it really could be that simple.


And you know what? It totally is that simple.  The fewest calories, double the fat, half the carbs, half the sugar, more protein… and it keeps me from gnawing on my foot.

I'll be sticking to the simple stuff from now on. 

(But if there ever is a time when I need something organic, vegan and non-gmo, I know where to go.)