i’m a wedding junkie

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I confess. I love a good wedding.  I've been stalking Style Me Pretty for more than 2 years now.  Multiple times a day.  I can't help it.  I have no explanation. 

Even I find this obsession odd, since it was only a couple months ago I looked at diamond rings with a critical eye.  I mean, the ring does come before the wedding right?

But I digress.

One thing I love about SMP is that they feature all types of weddings.  From the budget friendly DIY to the traditional extravaganza to the contemporary feature.  And I love it all.  While I most easily picture myself enjoying a quirky and colorful affair with DIY flowers, being swept away under a white tent with a catered sit down sounds equally fantastic.  Either way, I'm thinking I want a white dress that's tea length.  I'm in love with the quirky styling and the ease of showing off a pair of fabulous shoes. 

tea length dresses 

ps – Go here to register and make an inspiration board of your own!

tax return shoes

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It's fairly obvious I have a shoe problem.  This is not new news.

Meet my tax return shoes.



These shoes are perfect.  They are perfectly suited to fulfill the purpose for which they were purchased. Which is similar to the Birthday Boots and the Christmas Boots.  Love!

And I'm incredibly excited to add them to the collection.


a lot to process

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There's quite a bit going on in my brain this morning.  So much so that I'm having trouble articulating a full thought before switching gears to the next thing. 

Today is definitely a write-in-the-notebook kind of day.

If I can put together a full thought later I'll share some of it.  But for now I'm focused on processing the jungle of a mess inside my brain.


If it were the afternoon instead of the morning I'd be tying up my shoes and on my way to sweat it out on the pavement.  Instead I'll be writing.