She pounces

life, she said

Ellie is a snuggle bean.  When it's time for me to hit the sheets for the night she's immediately on the bed waiting for me to settle in so she can claim her spot.  And her spot is wherever I am.  She snuggles in right next to me.  She has to be touching.  If I move, she moves.  And she won't move out of the way until the last moment before she gets squashed.  


She settles down on top of the covers.  But at some point during the night she moves and burrows under the covers.  Since I typically sleep on my back, she stretches out along my side, with her butt at my hip and her nose in my armpit.  

That part usually wakes me up. She has a cold nose.  

When the alarm goes off in the morning I usually hit the snooze.  At least once.  When the alarm goes off she scrambles out from under the covers and leaps off the bed.  But she doesn't go anywhere.  She's immediately back on the bed and finding me.  Then she starts to whine.  


No. That's what I tell her.  Then she hops of the bed and takes a survey of the place.  And she comes back and up on the bed again.  

If the alarm happens to go off again, the second she sees my hand peek out from under the covers… she pounces.  On my back.  

It usually makes me laugh.  Then she whines.  If I refuse her again, she pounces from my back to the bed in such a way she lands with her nose in my face.

Oh I see.  She just needs attention.  

And I usually realize at this point that I'm not going to get the extra 9 minutes of sleep I so covet.  So I crawl out of bed and take her outside.


That is how my day starts.  Every day.  

Happy Monday.



Happy December

life, she said

CAn you believe it's December already?  Feels like August was yesterday.  This means I only have one more month to finish up all the things I wanted to do this year.  Yikes!

I've been putting together a list of 27 goals to complete before I turn 28.  But, I happen to have only 26.  I'm stumped on the last one.  Can it really be that there are only 26 things I want to do??  I can't imagine.  So I'll give it a while longer and I'm sure I'll come up with something.

Also, I'm now registered for school next semester.  School is one of those things I'm kinda done with.  Over it.  But I went ahead and pushed the auto-pilot button and registered anyway.  I think it really is a good thing.  I guess.  

And in the mean time, Ellie makes me laugh.  I just love having her around.  For a while I wondered if I would need to get rid of her to be able to move.  When I thought about it, it just made me so sad.  So she's mine forever!  And that makes me happy.





That's all I have for now.  I'll give you something better tomorrow.  🙂




I went outside, she said


The other night Ellie and I went for a stroll in the snow.  It was deeper than I thought it was. And I'm a little disappointed that you can't tell in this picture.  But there was a point when all that showed of Ellie was the top of her head.  It was hilarious.

I let her off the leash when we got to the park and she took of bounding in the the snow.  She boinged around nicely and obeyed when I called her back.  She really is a good little dog.

She seems to enjoy being out in the snow.  Which is nice.  Because it'll be snowing here for the next… oh… about 5 months.  It's awesome.  With a touch of sarcasm.