saturday reads

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It’s raining and a little bit windy outside, and that’s not pleasant. I’m dreaming of hot, dry, desert air.

I have gathered hot tea and a collection of articles to read. I am amazed with the number of must-read articles I have at the end of the week, even when I don’t spend much time on the internet.
To help my productivity this week, I sometimes didn’t get on Twitter until the afternoon or took a moment to browse around the interwebs. I sorta feel out of the loop with some of this week’s news, but 30 minutes on Twitter on Friday afternoon gave an opportunity to capture what feels like a zillion links to read.
Which is my favorite Saturday morning activity, by the way. Pajamas, tea, blanket and iPad on the couch. Usually until 10:30 when I finally get up and move on to something different.
And all that to say, here are some of the links I clicked this morning.

If you missed the happenings at Mozilla this week, or need more information like I did, this one shed a little light on why the new CEO stepped down after receiving criticism about a two-year-old donation to support banning same-sex marriage.

We are nearing the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing. I’m preparing for an emotional month, and so is Boston. The Boston Public Library’s “Dear Boston: Messages from the Marathon Memorial” opens Monday. All the messages and items that created the memorial days after the attack were taken into the city’s archives. This is a display of those items. Gets me right in the feels.

Sunsets reflected in broken mirrors. Breathtaking.
Apparently, baseball isn’t the national pastime, walking is.
AP photojournalist Anja Niederinghaus was killed in Afghanistan this week. In memoriam, look at a small collection of her AMAZING work.
And this totally intense NPR essay explores all the reasons Beyonce should be loved. As if I didn’t already. Sheesh.

And now I’m off the internet for the rest of the day! With the exception of Pinterest, because that totally doesn’t count.