the year in review

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It's time for one of those self-reflection end of the year posts that I haven't done in a while. Are you ready?

January started pretty bumpy. Some emotional upheavals. A quick weekend trip to the beautiful California bay area for a funeral of a loved one. A wonderful night out with my best girl. Meeting new people. Starting the healing process.




February was quite a whirlwind of texting, being twitterpated, a basketball game, and life stress. The month passed quickly, but the highlight was definitely an unexpected delivery of flowers and a wonderful visitor.


Photo 58

March brought… I can't remember.

April ushered in my first visit to Boston and Fenway Park that started my love affair with the place. Include some frustration, heartache, and a much needed girls weekend with my family for this month.

May brought school applications, decisions on in-state tuition vs. out-of-state-tuition, emotional healing and strengthening, stronger independence. Validation that I am my own person and I don't need anyone to take care of me. Because I am strong enough.



June was wonderful. The sun shone brightly and the weather was gorgeous. I was running daily, soaking in the sunshine, playing with friends on a weekly basis. Also, it was my first experience with the Pride Festival which I loved. Include a road trip to sunny California and an awesome visit with a long time friend and a reconnection. Busy month!


July brought more sunshine, more independence, closer friendships, more running, new friends, closure, and a feeling that the summer was slipping though my fingers. This made me enjoy each day more fully and look forward with greater optimism.



August was beautiful. A visit to Park City's main street, the beer festival, a camping trip and more outdoor concerts downtown filled out the month.




September was my second trip to Boston and a greater infatuation with the place. This month also brought acceptance to the University of Utah which spawned the planning process of starting school, quitting full time work, and a change to my current life and future. September has always been a good month for me, but the prospect of the future at this point was unbelievably positive and exciting.  That excitement has carried through the rest of the year and I still feel it now. Also, September brought the 3 year anniversary of taking my life back.  Meeting wonderful new friends rounded out this month to be one of the best ever.



October I turned 28! I finally became as old as I felt! The only way I can describe it is a feeling of finally coming in to my own. Which is a relief that things really do get better if you want them to be! Halloween was a crazy good time with friends.



November was chilly and stress filled. I decided to get a second part time job through the holiday season. This meant I was not able to trip to Idaho for the holiday to be with family. But I did spend the day with good friends, and any day filled with good food and good friends is a good day in my book. I started my retail job on Black Friday. My life will never be the same.


December brought 60-72 hour work weeks, surviving on two 3 hour naps with no real sleep, and a severely limited social schedule. The right days off around Christmas allowed a quick trip to Idaho to reconnect and feel the love of my sisters. Plus, the opportunity to sleep the whole day in a completely dark and slightly chilly room. Heaven. My favorite part of the holiday season is getting gifts to give to the people I care most about. And with only one hitch, I'd say it was a success.


I spent most of the holiday season exhausted from lack of sleep, my legs ached from standing 6+ hours a night, and I was dehydrated from drinking too much coffee and not enough water. Ha! I did not feel in the holiday mood until I was preparing for the drive to Idaho on Christmas Eve. I suddenly realized that while I had been listening to Christmas music and giving gifts, I had been so preoccupied with other things that I was not enjoying the season. How did it get to be Christmas Eve already? Where did December go?

By the time I arrived in Idaho my mood had changed and I was ready to celebrate and be embraced by those who love me most. It was a severe reminder that no matter the stresses, no matter how busy, no matter how tired, I have to enjoy the moment right now. If I don't, tomorrow will turn in to next month and I will have missed it all.

The neat and tidy version of this year? It was busy. It was fun. It was exciting. It was hopeful. It was exhausting. And I loved it.

2011 turned out to be as huge for me as I thought it would be when faced with it a year ago. I believe 2012 will be epic. It's gonna be huge. And I can't wait.

i’m here for the boobies

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 Saturday was the Race for the Cure.  High clouds covered the sun and made the temperature absolutely perfect for an easy 3 mile run.  Coming into downtown for this event is always overwhelming for me.  I love when so many people are gathered together for one purpose.  

They played music over the loud speaker and  I waited in the crowd with 20,000 other people for the run to start.  Cheer squads from 6 local high schools were cheering at the starting line and then throughout the course at the mile markers, the top of the 2 inclines, and at the finish line.  


This experience was so much different for me than the first time I did it.  Most of my trouble last time was wrapped around my physical readiness, which added to emotional breakdown.  I consider that time to be a success, it was an amazing experience.  But this time was so different.  I was more physically ready to run 3 miles which allowed me to be part of the celebration of the event and not the struggle.  

I ran the whole 3.1 in 35 minutes and it was pretty much amazing. I wish I had pink shorts to wear, that would have made it more fun.  I didn't stay very long for the celebrations and awards afterward. I have a hard time in crowds at the mall, let alone a crowd of 20,000 people.  


There was so much pink, and since it happens to be my second favorite color, it made me so happy!  It was everywhere from balloons and banners to bandanas and feather boas and tutus.  It was an amazing celebration.

There were many groups of people participating as a team.  They have shirts made with catchy phrases and pictures of loved ones.  My favorite?  “I'm here for the boobies” from Team eBay.  Loved it.  There were others like “save the tatas”, “joggers for knockers”, etc.  No reason to be embarrassed about it, it's ok to admit you love em too.

Besides, where else can a person go to celebrate boobs in a completely wholesome way?  

They are accepting donations through May so there's still time!  Go here.


race for the cure

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Every year in Salt Lake City, on Mother's Day weekend, the city hosts the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  I did it once, maybe 4 years ago?  It was incredible emotional.  There are so many people there, the amount of ladies wearing pink shirts (which recognizes them as breast cancer survivors) is staggering.  I spent the whole time remembering the women in my life who had died because of breast cancer.  

Do you realize how hard it is to breath, let alone run, when your hugely fighting not to cry?  It's physically painful. 

As part of my prep for the half marathon in November, I decided to participate in a few races this summer so that I'll be prepared for the 13.1 miles. For the first race of my series, I'm doing the Race for the Cure.  It is a 5k, which is 3.1 miles.  

The point is, I'm not one for fundraising or announcing the things I'm involved in, but I've been feeling like I should let you all know about this one.  If a donation is something you feel like you want to do, please go to  It's very easy to donate online.  No pressure.  🙂

Also, go here to find an event in your area.

I've been selfish with my time and it's about time I became involved in something bigger than myself.  I'd love to hear about the things you are involved in.  Will you share with me?  


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I spent last weekend holed up in a condo downtown with 4 of the women who love me the most.  It was so refreshing to step away from the computer, turn off the phone, and focus on the people in front of me.  We laughed so hard my belly hurt.  Like four times I think.  We were the loudest table at dinner and I think that's the most fun I've ever had eating Jelly Bellys.  If only everyone in the world had a family like mine.


The condo allowed only one car in the parking lot.  So I left mine near home and took Trax into downtown.  No complaints from me, it's one of my favorite things to do.


Of course, I had the essentials in my bag.  Water, notebook & pen, wallet, and music.  It was a very enjoyable train ride.


The condo was just north of Temple Square.  It's a nice place to walk through on a crisp spring morning.  I could smell the flowers, the sun was shining, and the wind was blowing.  When I say it was a crisp morning, I mean it was make-your-nose-run-chilly.


Waiting for the shuttle Saturday morning to take K home.  We missed her Saturday night!


CPK for dinner, Ben and Jerry's for dessert, a walk around the Gateway, and the purchase of a white summer dress.  If you haven't tried Late Night Snack ice cream go out and get some right now.  Now!  I promise it's good.  We definitely walked more than I usually do.  My legs are sore today!


3 rounds of Bunco.  Which was also a lot of fun.


Beautiful spring morning on Temple Square.


The clan minus 2.  We missed you both!

We'd been planning this get away for a year or so.  It was nice for it to finally be here and bonus that we enjoyed it so much! 

ps – the best thing about eating Jelly Bellys with this group of ladies?  We don't have to fight over the coffee flavored ones.  I get all of em!

since last week

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The last picture I took of Ellie before dropping her off at her new temporary home. I snuggled her a lot.  I surely do miss her.


This week involved lots of down time on the couch.  just.plain.tired. These 3 days off work will certainly be nice for me.


Saw a few really nice sunrises through dirty car windows this week.  Spring always improves my outlook.  I feel more hope, more energy, more motivation.  February and March are hard months for me.  I'm glad it's almost May.

I'm off work today, hooray!  I'll be busy crossing lots of past due items off my list so I can get going on the new list which continues to grow.  Included in that list?  Cleaning out and organizing pictures, some mending, a blog makeover (maybe?), finish my book, and some fun picture taking.  Including a run in there somewhere.

I'm determined to feel good about myself on Sunday evening instead of wondering why I even bother taking a day off if I'm not gonna do anything with it.  Time to get my butt in gear and be productive.

Changes underfoot.  And I like it.