lessons learned

crafty, PennyJo

I'm back from Idaho Falls.  And it was an awesome trip.  

I sold 1 thing.  Only 1.  

And what an interesting experience the whole thing was.


We realized part way into the fair that this was not going to be well attended.  Which was disappointing.  

We were looking around at the people that did come to see what they were buying.  And it really wasn't much.  


I realized early on that this particular experience is not the one I should base my future on.  But we both came away from it with notes for next time, plans for revamping our individual talents, and pretty optimistic about the experience. 


And I was completely exhausted.

We met some fun people.  Gathered some good ideas. And made new plans.  There is a whole page in my notebook of ideas and plans.  It'll be a couple weeks before I can really tackle it and start on new stuff, but it's all there waiting for me.


A successful trip.

And in 4 days I'll be turning around to drive up spend Christmas there.  Can't wait.

Until then, I need to get some shopping done.

The girls in the booth behind us had these wonderful cupcakes and cookies.  We traded scarves for cupcakes at the end of the night.  And they were soooo yummy!