since spring break…

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Sure it's been a… few weeks since vacation, but I have noticed I think about it frequently.  

Like have you noticed that the curbs in D.C. are granite?! And the gutters are brick! Seriously.


And really, there aren't really gutters to speak of, so when you are standing on the curb and the bus goes zooming by watch your toes. Because that bus is only inches away from you.

I already have a list for my second visit, including the National Aquarium (I really like aquariums), the Newseum, and the Museum of Natural History.  


No immediate plans to head back to D.C., but just like NYC, it's in my future. At some point.

I totally enjoyed the metro in D.C. too.  Once I figured out how it works and which way is which, I had a good time getting around.  It's helpful that I wasn't on a schedule and could wait for the next train if I was unsure.

I really enjoyed seeing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr's Memorial and Lincoln's Memorial.  I had pretty significant reactions there and I'd have liked to spend a bit more time. But it's true what they say, I walked my feet off in D.C. So much so that my whole body hurt by the end of the day.








On the flight back I had a layover in Chicago.  It was the first time I've been there, and since I didn't leave the airport I don't really count it.  But I had an awesome view of the waterfront on the way in and I'm totally gonna go there. Someday.