the year in review

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It's time for one of those self-reflection end of the year posts that I haven't done in a while. Are you ready?

January started pretty bumpy. Some emotional upheavals. A quick weekend trip to the beautiful California bay area for a funeral of a loved one. A wonderful night out with my best girl. Meeting new people. Starting the healing process.




February was quite a whirlwind of texting, being twitterpated, a basketball game, and life stress. The month passed quickly, but the highlight was definitely an unexpected delivery of flowers and a wonderful visitor.


Photo 58

March brought… I can't remember.

April ushered in my first visit to Boston and Fenway Park that started my love affair with the place. Include some frustration, heartache, and a much needed girls weekend with my family for this month.

May brought school applications, decisions on in-state tuition vs. out-of-state-tuition, emotional healing and strengthening, stronger independence. Validation that I am my own person and I don't need anyone to take care of me. Because I am strong enough.



June was wonderful. The sun shone brightly and the weather was gorgeous. I was running daily, soaking in the sunshine, playing with friends on a weekly basis. Also, it was my first experience with the Pride Festival which I loved. Include a road trip to sunny California and an awesome visit with a long time friend and a reconnection. Busy month!


July brought more sunshine, more independence, closer friendships, more running, new friends, closure, and a feeling that the summer was slipping though my fingers. This made me enjoy each day more fully and look forward with greater optimism.



August was beautiful. A visit to Park City's main street, the beer festival, a camping trip and more outdoor concerts downtown filled out the month.




September was my second trip to Boston and a greater infatuation with the place. This month also brought acceptance to the University of Utah which spawned the planning process of starting school, quitting full time work, and a change to my current life and future. September has always been a good month for me, but the prospect of the future at this point was unbelievably positive and exciting.  That excitement has carried through the rest of the year and I still feel it now. Also, September brought the 3 year anniversary of taking my life back.  Meeting wonderful new friends rounded out this month to be one of the best ever.



October I turned 28! I finally became as old as I felt! The only way I can describe it is a feeling of finally coming in to my own. Which is a relief that things really do get better if you want them to be! Halloween was a crazy good time with friends.



November was chilly and stress filled. I decided to get a second part time job through the holiday season. This meant I was not able to trip to Idaho for the holiday to be with family. But I did spend the day with good friends, and any day filled with good food and good friends is a good day in my book. I started my retail job on Black Friday. My life will never be the same.


December brought 60-72 hour work weeks, surviving on two 3 hour naps with no real sleep, and a severely limited social schedule. The right days off around Christmas allowed a quick trip to Idaho to reconnect and feel the love of my sisters. Plus, the opportunity to sleep the whole day in a completely dark and slightly chilly room. Heaven. My favorite part of the holiday season is getting gifts to give to the people I care most about. And with only one hitch, I'd say it was a success.


I spent most of the holiday season exhausted from lack of sleep, my legs ached from standing 6+ hours a night, and I was dehydrated from drinking too much coffee and not enough water. Ha! I did not feel in the holiday mood until I was preparing for the drive to Idaho on Christmas Eve. I suddenly realized that while I had been listening to Christmas music and giving gifts, I had been so preoccupied with other things that I was not enjoying the season. How did it get to be Christmas Eve already? Where did December go?

By the time I arrived in Idaho my mood had changed and I was ready to celebrate and be embraced by those who love me most. It was a severe reminder that no matter the stresses, no matter how busy, no matter how tired, I have to enjoy the moment right now. If I don't, tomorrow will turn in to next month and I will have missed it all.

The neat and tidy version of this year? It was busy. It was fun. It was exciting. It was hopeful. It was exhausting. And I loved it.

2011 turned out to be as huge for me as I thought it would be when faced with it a year ago. I believe 2012 will be epic. It's gonna be huge. And I can't wait.