perfect yellow tank on a lazy sunday

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I finally altered my yellow dress yesterday.  So glad!  Now I will actually wear the thing.  I've put it on a number of times before, but then changed because I just wasn't happy with it.  Now it's perfect!

It like this:



 See?  Too long for a shirt and too short for a dress.  Even with leggings.  So I chopped it off.

And now it's this:



Now, my hemming skills need a bit of refining.  But for now, it's pretty much perfect. 🙂  So excited to wear it on a beautiful sunshiny day.  


In other news, The weather is beautiful and perfectly sunny.  I'm off to return a couple movies to the redbox and then bake to a nice golden brown next to the pool I scored entrance to.  

Ah sunshine, I have missed you on my skin.  

And, I'll be folding a mountainous pile of laundry.  Since I finally did it all yesterday.  And it's been three weeks.  It's alot of laundry.



Not a Lazy Sunday

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I work today.  It's the 4th week.  Ick.  Which means I'm up early.  Earlier than a normal work day.  You see, I'm at work at 5:30 instead of 7.  AM.  Yup.  Not super looking forward to this working day.  Especially because the weather is gonna be so freaking nice.

But yesterday was so beautiful too.  The sun was shining.  It was warm.  it was cozy.  I even sweated.  A little bit.  

And yoga was so nice.  As usual.  I finally felt like I knew what I was doing and what motion was coming next.  Which allowed me to relax more and just enjoy the process and the movement and the connection.  Did you know Yoga translates to “to unite” or “to yoke”?  In class they talk about “oneness”.  It's not a religion.  It's the practice of being present. Being aware of your breath.  Becoming one with your inner self.  Connecting the mental and the physical.  Less about survive and more about experience.  Anyway, yesterday, since I felt more practiced, I was able to stretch more and be more focused on my breath and the movement of going from one pose to the next.  Instead of being focused on the stance or getting there.  It flowed more.  I was more connected.  More peace.  More stillness.  More awareness.  A real connection.  A oneness.  And, as it turns out, it really is what I was looking for.  A kind of self-discovery.  

More on that later.  Not that my life has tipsy-turvied.  I'm just a bit more aware.  

What I really wanted to say was, I took some pictures on the way to class.  All of these are taken from the car, meaning I didn't get out of the driver's seat.  Only rolled down the filthy glass that is my window.  And I really enjoyed it.  I'll be doing a bit more of it.  






Obviously, they are not edited in any way.  Nor are they technically correct.   I've cleaned my lens while uploading.


 Every one have a fantastic Sunday.

And if it's warm where you are, go out and sit in it.  The sun warms the soul.


Second Best to Oatmeal

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is a fried egg with toast.  Just is case you don't already know.  It's a bit faster to put together as well.  Not quite as yummy, but still good.  

I'm off this morning to another yoga class.  That's 3 this week!  Time to buy a punch card.  I've exhausted my free options until next week.  It has been a fun new experience for me.  I like being in that part of the city.  I like experiencing something new.  And I like the lifestyle it brings to me.


As Paula says, when the student is ready, the teacher will come.

The weather is supposed to be absolutely beautiful today.  I have a couple chores I HAVE to get done, since I didn't do them yesterday.  But I hope to spend the majority of today outside with my cute dogsie.



Hey, I went outside again!

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So this is what my Easter Sunday looked like.


Yep.  Not kidding.  So the rest of the day was spent inside.  Under blankets.  Napping on and off.  Being absolutely non-productive.  And really, I'm pretty much ok with that.  Except now I have to spread my chores out through the week.  Which is a better way for me to function anyway.  Why haven't I learned that yet? You'd think I'd know that by now.  Sheesh.

But I digress…

I hope you had one of these


Because I did.