the weekend so far

Lazy Sunday, life

The weekend has been pretty good so far.  No complaints really.  I got a few things done yesterday that have been nagging at me and that's always nice.  Went through some boxes, separated things for goodwill, tossed a few things, glued the star back on the tree, AND!  I finally sewed the cap I've had a pattern for for months.  And I love how it turned out.  I'll be sporting it around town today.


This morning I'm filled to the brim with spaghetti and I'm off to get ready for the day.  With laundry, homework, grocery shopping, and some returns on the list it's gonna be full.  I'm sure there will be time for a nap.  There is always time for a nap.  And a walk with my sweet pup.  Plus, I hope to be going through a few more bins and boxes to clean out the excess.  A move is in my future!




The weekend

Lazy Sunday

Y'know those weeks where your feet drag and it's one thing after another and by the time it's Friday you feel like you've been run over with a truck?  


That was me last week.

So when I finally rolled out of bed for the 4th time to take Ellie out at, oh… about 10:00 am,  I didn't change.  Didn't shower.  I moved from the bed to the chair in front of the TV and did nothing.  All day.  

And it was awesome.  

Of course there were a ton of things that needed to get done.  Well, there were a few things that should get done.  And y'know what?  Those things still need/should get done.

Someone should make time for that.


I woke up Sunday to a chilly house.  The power was out. Due to heavy snow. Humph.  That means when I moved from the bed to the chair in front of the TV, there was no TV to watch.

So I entertained myself with my iphone, of course, and a little reading.  Ellie was content either way.  

Power flipped on about 9:30 and maybe two hours later I was getting ready to head out into the it-had-snowed-last-night-but-the-sun-is-shining-now valley.  Where the air is clear and the mountains are beautiful.


I headed off to the Gateway downtown.  It's was surprisingly pleasant.  Of course it was cold, but also pleasant.  

And I say Harry Potter.

And I loved it.

Is it next summer yet?

I also got a start on my gift giving shopping.  I'm more behind that I'd like to admit.  But whatever.  I'm ok with it.

I'm excited to have only one day of school this week.  A few days of work and then I'm off to visit my sister for the eating of eatingest holidays.

Weather pending of course.  Since the biggest of 4 storms is passing through late Tuesday.


Ellie's coming too.  It's gonna be our first road trip together.  I'm kind of excited.


talk about a lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday, life

I slept a lot this weekend.  A lot a lot.  And I'm feeling a but groggy this morning.  Which happens when I sleep that much. I like when we lose an hour for Daylight Savings.  I get to sleep in and still get up on time.  Love love love.


Aside from sleeping, I did got some things done.  Of course, if I hadn't spent so much time snoozing I would have gotten more done.  But whatever. 

Among the most noteable, dishes were washed, sheets were changed, couch and love seat sold, furniture moved around, knitting project finished, and I think that's about it.


I made cookies which means the kitchen needs to be cleaned again.  I remember now why I stopped creating things in the kitchen.  It dirties up the dishes.

On the list for this week:  Christmas presents.  Can you believe it?  It's pretty much that time already.  And, since I H.A.T.E. being in the stores in December, I'm on a mission to be done before December hits.  

In other news, the leaves are falling off the trees.  The beautiful golden leaves are leaving and leaving the branches gray and naked.  This part of autumn always makes me a bit sad.  I love the colors so much and the world will now be gray for the next 5+ months.  Winter has it's own beauty and I like that too, but I always miss fall when it's over.

Here's to the change in the seasons that almost always leads to a change in our lives.


the day started kind of gray

Lazy Sunday, life

And I loved it.  Yesterday was sunshine-y and wonderful for running errands.  This morning was overcast and chill perfect for coffee and snuggling in my snuggly robe.  



Ellie decided she needed to be in my lap while I was blog surfing this morning.  


And she must have decided that my lap wasn't quite big enough because her chin rested on the desk.  And she fell asleep like that.



I have since moved on to more productive activities today.  Including a re-color of my hair, pedicure, clothes put away, dishes washed, bathroom cleaned. And now while the sun still shines, some worky work and homework.  The reward when it's all finished?  Season 1 of Mad Men.  On DVD.  While working of course.  


Happy weekend.  Enjoy what's left of it.


Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

It is so beautiful outside today.  And it's not supposed to be so blasted hot either.  Yay!  bI saw the chairs strung around the pool the other day.  Y'know what that means?  I'm totally headed to the pool.  Finally!

I finished these little half sock things.  The pattern called the yoga socks, but they seem a bit slippery for yoga. But I'll totally pad around the house in them.  Especially when it turns cold and feetsies get chilly.  They were kinda fun to make anyway, even if I don't wear them.



I'm working on a couple projects for the family reunion today.  It's this weekend and sneaking up on me!  Yikes!  While working on a recycle sign for my trash can, I ran across this t-shirt.  I almost bought it on the spot!  But alas, I restrained.  Made me laugh out loud though.


Also getting together a packing list for this reunion.  Not sure why I'm so stressed about it this time around.  But I'm coping.  With lists.  Lists and lists and lists.  And, I think it's because this summer has gone by so quickly.  I've been keeping busy.  And now it's August.  Which means family reunion, school starts, Labor Day to end the summer and New York is only one month away.  Holy Cow!  Add in the name change and crafty projects, I'm been pretty busy.  Plus Home Ec start this month too.  

I'm ready for a nap now I think.  🙂