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After spending some time outside to soak up the sun, laundry is in the washer, banana bread is in the oven, the baseball game is on (go sox!) and, for some reason, I feel like I'm not being productive.


Since there are piles scattered about my living space and chores to be done I have quite a bit of stuff to do. 

Other thoughts occupying my mind today:

Last week I tasted my first ever homemade pickle and it happened to be the best pickle I've ever tasted. Imagine that.  I now have a desire to plant a cucumber in the backyard so that I may have the opportunity to make pickles.  This just might happen. Stay tuned. I also desire tomatoes and mint in the backyard.  Though it's getting to be past planting time so we'll have to just wait and see what happens.  I'm serious about that cucumber though.

It is a holiday week coming up and there is much to be done.  No plans for the holiday yet, but it's promising to be a busy week.  This makes me happy.  Now that my first session classes are complete there is not much happening to keep me occupied.  Both good and bad, this leaves more time for yoga, continual reading and the making of wonderfully good food to eat.

Speaking of food, I've decided to give the Paleo diet a real try. I've been dabbling for the last few weeks and I'm certain a hardcore transition won't be so difficult. I've come across  PaleOMG that has a plethora of recipies and each one sounds better than the last.  There will be no shortage of good things to eat. It could be as easy as a piece of grain free, dairy free, added sugar free cake. 

So in proper send off fashion today I've made banana bread Betty Crocker style.  With the exception of using coconut milk instead of buttermilk. It's pretty much amazing. And tomorrow it'll be consumed french toast style. I'm very much looking forward to the life-altering experience.