colors + photo challenge

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I was re-introduced to Color Me Katie the other day. I forgot how colorful and fun it is. If you need a pick me up of sunshing and rainbows, this blog will do the trick.

A few of my favorite posts from Color Me Katie:

 Mr. Blue

Organized Mess

Cleaning Day

My friend Lauren shared a photo challenge the other day. I've decided to participate.  The challenge comes from Fat Mum Slim and is only 31 days long. I think that's something I can handle.

Day 1: Me


Day 2: Breakfast


Day 3: Something I Adore


Whew, only 28 more to go…

ps – add #janphotoaday to your tweets to play along with everyone else! (if you want to play along of course. if you're more of a play alone-er then no pressure.) 


a lot to process

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There's quite a bit going on in my brain this morning.  So much so that I'm having trouble articulating a full thought before switching gears to the next thing. 

Today is definitely a write-in-the-notebook kind of day.

If I can put together a full thought later I'll share some of it.  But for now I'm focused on processing the jungle of a mess inside my brain.


If it were the afternoon instead of the morning I'd be tying up my shoes and on my way to sweat it out on the pavement.  Instead I'll be writing.