Food on Sunday

Good Eats

During the week I don't eat very well.  I don't eat take out for dinner very often.  Though if I did, I would probably eat better.  I usually whip together a quesadilla, grilled cheese, roasted potates, or some kind of leftovers.  Hmmm.  Doesn't sound very appetizing.

Except for Sundays.  I usually eat very well on Sundays.  And I think there are two reasons for this.  One is that I'm so tired of blah food during the week that I actually put some effort into my meals on Sunday.  The other is that there is the time and energy to put in that effort.

Because of this, I usually plan to make something that will yield leftovers for the rest of the week.  Like spaghetti sauce that makes 6 quarts.  (most of it goes in the freezer.) Or soup that makes 8 servings.  Right after dinner I separate the leftovers into individual servings so grabbing lunch on my way out the door in the morning is easy peasy.   

Yesterday I made a cabbage soup with leeks and potatoes.  And it was soooo yummy.  And sooo easy.  Incredibly easy.  


From this cookbook by Deborah Madison.  So simple.  

It was my first experience with leeks.  And I was surprised how flavorful they were.  And that's plain greek yogurt in there.  First time eating that too.  Yummy.  And dried parsley on top.  Fresh would have been better, but I forgot to get some.  So dried worked just fine.

I'm glad there are leftovers for lunch.  And dinner.  Today and tomorrow.  Because it was that good.  And cheap.  And yummy.