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I mentioned a while back that I was changing my diet a little bit. I've been more and more choosing paleo-friendly foods and it's making a big difference for me.

A paleo diet is not a diet in the sense of “going on a diet.” It's a change in eating habits, like being a vegitarian, vegan, raw only, etc. I've also heard paleo called the caveman diet.  The diet does not contain grains, dairy, soy, legumes, vegetable or canola oil, no added sugar, and no artificial ingredients. It contains lots of protein and naturally occuring fats and oils.

I've turned to nut flours, coconut oil and milk, and tons of fruits and veggies to fill my meals and I'm loving it. 

I haven't been very adventurous with my cooking yet, I hope to do a bit more playing around. I eat eggs and veggies most every day for breakfast. And honestly, eggs and peppers are starting to get a bit old. Still yummy, but I'm looking for a little variety.

This weekend I'll be trying my hand at making my own almond flour, it's super expensive to purchase. Think almost $12 per pound. (what the what?! yep. not kidding.) And while even homemade almond flour still costs more than traditional flour, the benefits are totally worth it for me.

Yesterday I tried a new recipe, an apple cinnamon omlette.  And it was so yum! Kind of unexpected since it tasted a bit more like french toast than an omlette. And it turned into more of an apple cinnamon scramble than an omlette but whatever. It was the perfect use for the apple I had that was getting a bit soft for me to really enjoy. Yay!

Today I tried an eggless pancake recipie (since I'm out of eggs) with coconut flour instead of almond flour (since that's what I already had). Coconut flour is tricky because it's super “thirsty” and you have to double any liquid in the recipe to adjust for it. They did not turn out. Haha. The texture totally got to me, so grainy. That's the last time I'll try that coconut flour nonesense. A friend told me that it was worthless to try to use it, now I totally believe her. I'm sure there is a good use for it and someone out there loves it, but they don't live in this house.

Anyway, I've been trying new things, leaving behind old favorites. Now I'm developing a taste for foods that are less sweet and that makes me happy. Of course there's always a cheat meal here and there, but you better believe those cheats aren't wasted on the plain and boring stuff. I aim to absolutely enjoy my food from here on out. 🙂


it’s just random stuff

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After spending some time outside to soak up the sun, laundry is in the washer, banana bread is in the oven, the baseball game is on (go sox!) and, for some reason, I feel like I'm not being productive.


Since there are piles scattered about my living space and chores to be done I have quite a bit of stuff to do. 

Other thoughts occupying my mind today:

Last week I tasted my first ever homemade pickle and it happened to be the best pickle I've ever tasted. Imagine that.  I now have a desire to plant a cucumber in the backyard so that I may have the opportunity to make pickles.  This just might happen. Stay tuned. I also desire tomatoes and mint in the backyard.  Though it's getting to be past planting time so we'll have to just wait and see what happens.  I'm serious about that cucumber though.

It is a holiday week coming up and there is much to be done.  No plans for the holiday yet, but it's promising to be a busy week.  This makes me happy.  Now that my first session classes are complete there is not much happening to keep me occupied.  Both good and bad, this leaves more time for yoga, continual reading and the making of wonderfully good food to eat.

Speaking of food, I've decided to give the Paleo diet a real try. I've been dabbling for the last few weeks and I'm certain a hardcore transition won't be so difficult. I've come across  PaleOMG that has a plethora of recipies and each one sounds better than the last.  There will be no shortage of good things to eat. It could be as easy as a piece of grain free, dairy free, added sugar free cake. 

So in proper send off fashion today I've made banana bread Betty Crocker style.  With the exception of using coconut milk instead of buttermilk. It's pretty much amazing. And tomorrow it'll be consumed french toast style. I'm very much looking forward to the life-altering experience. 


on being a vegetarian

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To be honest: I don't think it's for me.


I realized this during lunch one day while poking at the yummy salad in front of me.  It was convenient, cheap, and satisfying.  I probably would have gotten it even if I wasn't trying to master a meat-free menu.  Except that I had been craving fried chicken.  For a couple days.  And I had gotten a salad.  

And then I realized that the lettuce I was eating was not good at all and was actually lettuce-cicles.  Yep.  Frozen lettuce.  Eew.  And so not satisfying.  And really gross.  And suddenly I was wishing for fried chicken.  So warm and greasy and… satisfying.

Just like any kind of diet or restriction on the food I am “allowed” to eat, cutting out meat completely from my diet has proven to be futile.  Just like cutting out desert, strawberries, and red meat.  And anything fried.

Why?  Because I like to eat.  I like BBQ, sushi, hamburgers, pasta, and tacos.  I like it smothered, cheesy, grilled, and fried.  Veggies, fruit, meat, and deserts.  I don't discriminate. 

I also believe in moderation in all things.  So yes, I eat ice cream when I want to.  I just don't eat the whole pint in one sitting.  Or the whole bag of beef jerky in one day.  I get a small pizza instead of the one that will feed me for 3 meals.  

Cutting out red meat from my diet started 2+ years ago.  I noticed that I functioned better long term without the red meat.  But I miss it.  And I crave it sometimes.  So when I do crave it, I go out and make the purchase worth it with a good burger or indulging my weakness for beef jerky. And every time, it's so worth it.

But in the mean time I've discovered pork and haven't missed the beef much at all. It surprises me how easy it is to just make a different choice.

I think that maybe this no-meat-at-all stint was set to fail from the beginning.  To cut out a part of my diet just because I can?  Hmmm.  It seems to be not such a good reason for me.  For my health? For ideals? Principles?  Sure.  But even then, I'm allergic to strawberries, but certainly not enough to keep me from eating myself sick every summer.

Maybe what this is really telling me has nothing to do with my eating habits. Maybe it's more about a lack of willpower.  Or self-control.  Or something.  But I don't seem to have an issue with doing something because it's the right something to do.  So I don't think that's it either.

Maybe it really is all about the food.  And how much I love it.


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you called the wrong sister Girlfriend

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So here's the deal. I'm completely able to entertain myself.  Which is why I don't have a large circle of friends.  Many acquaintances, but only a few that are close friends.

So when I get off work at 3 in the afternoon, I head my tukus home and park it for 6 more hours until bedtime.  Not that I'm opposed to going out for drinks, or putting myself in a position to meet someone interesting, or otherwise spend money I really don't have, I just don't have a high tolerance for small you-just-wasted-an-hour-of-my-life-that-I'll-never-get-back chit chat. 

You follow?

So, last night I'm transitioning from my park-it spot in the comfy chair to the other park-it spot in front of the computer.  To catch up on social networking, blogging, and otherwise time wasting.  Because the game just came on and I follow it better when it's the secondary draw instead of the primary draw of my attention.  Whatever whatever.

I pull up HelloGiggles because they have incredibly giggly articles about, well, funny things.  That are girly.  And I relate to them. I hear the sports announcer make some reference to Dirk Noringski at the same I see a tweet from DearExGirlfriend regarding the very same Dallas Mavericks player.  I giggle.  I reply to said fellow blogger.  He replies back.  I laugh out loud.  

I'm so glad I moved to the computer. Plus, because of the perfume samples I yanked out of a magazine, it smells good over here.  Like, really good.

My phone rings.  Which it never does.  And I'm so glad I changed my ringtone to the Dropkick Muprhys.  Totally awesome move on my part.  I pick up my phone, rock out for a few seconds, and then answer it before it goes to voicemail.  And because there are children playing outside my window and they are starting to stare.  I'm sure they think I'm seizing.

It's my sister.  She's looking for the recipe for No-Bake Cookies.  Because her daughter has a craving and she can't find her copy.   I'm racking my bank of baking memories (they are many) to see if I even have the recipe.  I don't recall having made them in… more than 10 years.  And never by myself. My response to her inquiry?

You called the wrong sister Girlfriend.  And then I bust up laughing.

Get it?  Because I'm her sister.  And our other sister is the one who makes (or made them) all the time.  And I've never made them.  And we're sisters.  

Ok.  Moving on.

I'm thinking at some point I got the recipe from mom because it's just one of those ones that you should have.  So I double check my stash and TaDa! I have it.  


And then that quickly, I've done inventory of my minimal baking supplies and I decide I have everything I need and dogwongchong I'm gonna make me some No-Bake Cookies too!  

Woot woot!

And then I continue to laugh with my sister uncontrollably for… 4 minutes.  Seriously.  Laughing.  Like the holding-my-side-because-it-hurts and if-I-snort-one-more-time-I'm-gonna-fall-on-the-ground kind of laughing.  And I can't even remember what we were talking about.

Then she asked me how much sugar I had eaten.  And was there someone else there making me laugh?  The answers were none and nope.  And while I'm trying to calm down enough to read her the recipe, and we keep busting up in laughter, her husband finds her copy of the recipe.  So she doesn't need it from me anymore.  Which makes the whole situation completely funny again on a totally different level that I can't even begin to explain to you.

You see, she called at the exact time I needed her to.  

Why?  Because I have a corny sense of humor and have a knack for completely terrible jokes.  And the work day was rough.  I had some pent up really bad humor!  

Even after we hung up the phone I continued to laugh.  For a long time.  The whole thing was so completely random and un-funny that the hilarity of the situation increased.

Kinda like the time I emailed the same sister information about a new guy in my life. Except that I emailed the information to my 20-something male co-worker in NY instead.  Yeah.  Funny.

See?  Who needs to go out to the bar and be in awkward chit chat conversation with random dudes when I can stay home and laugh at myself all night?  

Because if I don't go out and put myself in those awkward situations I'll never meet a guy who thinks I'm as stupidly funny and I do.  And that's just a non-negotiable.

ps – I totally made No-Bake Cookies.  But I didn't have all the ingredients.  But the butter was already melted so I ran, well walked, to the store and got some milk.  And they totally rocked.

the feast

Good Eats

The day started with lunch.  And since I skipped breakfast, I had breakfast for lunch.  Because let's face it, breakfast is awesome at anytime of the day.

Behold, egg nog french toast.  With butter, powdered sugar, and a few berries.  So yummy.


Then came the good stuff.  Lemon and garlic pork loin, potatoes mashed with garlic and sour cream, blanched green beans with olive oil and garlic, roasted carrots with olive oil and sugar.  And it was heavenly.  While I was full after this first plate of food, I celebrated in true Thanksgiving style and had seconds.  


And since I actually forgot to eat dessert last night, I had it for breakfast this morning. Wonderfully creamy and sweet creme brule.  It's a good thing there is a second one in the fridge because it just didn't last long enough.


I'll be eating the leftovers all weekend.  I can't wait.